Donnerstag, 12. März 2020


 COVID-19 update: 

Wir sind ab sofort (14.3) auf Anordnung des Senats bis auf weiteres vorübergehend geschlossen. Die Bäraoke x Mic Hunt Party die am 9.4 stattgefunden hätte, wurde wegen der gegebenen Situation abgesagt. 

We are closed temporarily effective immediately (14.3) until further notice, in accordance with the senate's mandate.The Bäraoke x Mic hunt party that was planned for April 9th has been cancelled due to the given situation.

For now,

+ + + Sing at home, fight the virus! + + + 
Liebe Grüße, die Karaokemonster

THE SHOW MUST GO ON! We miss you Monsters like mad! Until we meet again, please support your local drag scene and keep it alive and well by tuning into Twitch for your weekly dose of drag! Please read PANSY's message below:

Hello Lover,
What a weird simulation we are living in. I hope you are handling isolation well. I've got some great news that will hopefully help a little!

Each week The House of Presents moves into your bedroom. Tune in to Twitch EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT to see all the drag you know and love from the safety of your socially distanced apartment.

Gieza's Pokehouse will start at 21:
Pansy Presents will start at 22:

These times are SHARP, not drag time. We want to make sure as many people can see the show as possible. We've set it up so that if you are watching Gieza's show first it will automatically forward you to my channel after!

If you can't spend any money at this time, don't worry...we get it! We want you to be able to enjoy the show anyway. If you can, please consider making a 10€ donation in lieu of the entrance fee and tip you would normally spend in person to You can also pay with bank transfer or credit card on our Twitch pages. Twitch is open to anyone to watch, but you will need to sign up for a free account to leave live comments and make tips.

As freelance artists, most of whom come from non-EU backgrounds, we have no eligibility for government support and are facing months without income. Our goal is to pay each performer their usual fee and to pay our rent at Monster Ronson's so that we still have a stage to come home to when all this is over. 

Thank for your continuing to support us during this time. Your love and generosity has been overwhelming! 


Donnerstag, 5. März 2020

137 new songs, Loonies, Mic Hunting & more!




We're adding new songs to our repertoire every single Friday! Your wish is our command!

Send your song requests to and check our blog each Friday (6pm)
to see what we've added that week! We try our best to accommodate each and every wish!!

This week: 137 new songs at your request at the link below!

CHECK HERE for the list of new songs!


Freitag 6.3 um Mitternacht:

Looney Tunez Live Band Karaoke!

From midnight - 2am, sing on stage with a live band!

Before & after the live band: sing on stage with The Shredder & King Josephine!


Samstag 14.3 ab 20 Uhr:

Gieza Poke's MIC HUNT feat. Alexander Cameltoe!

Berlin’s queen of karaoke Gieza Poke's own Drag-Karaoke experience
 every second Saturday of the month at Monster Ronson's!

Mic Hunt is your chance to get in some heels, get on the stage and get the party started! 
Featuring audience games, drag-based mini-challenges and of course a sensational drag-themed songlist as well as Gieza’s full back-catalogue of parody songs - 
You better start your engines hunty because the best woman/man/non-binary-entity sings!

Be prepared to be surprised, this isn't your typical karaoke night honey!

Come in a DRAG LOOK for FREE entry! 

und hier zu den Terminen der aktuellen Kararaokewoche:

DONNERSTAG 5.3.20 ab 21 Uhr - Sing on Stage with Felix Fauxpas

Weekend Warm-up!

FREITAG 6.3.20 ab 20 Uhr - Sing on Stage with The Shredder
                             um Mitternacht - Looney Tunez Live Band Karaoke
                                   ab 3 Uhr - Karaoke Afterhour with King Josephine

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€3bis Mitternacht gültig:  
137 new songs? I must be dreaming!
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

SAMSTAG 7.3.20 ab 20 Uhr - Sing on Stage with King Josephine
                                     ab 3 Uhr - Karaoke Afterhour with Fortune Taylor
***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€3bis Mitternacht gültig:  
137 new songs? I must be dreaming!
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

SONNTAG 8.3.20 ab 21 Uhr - Liquid Brunch with Zoe

KILL YOUR HANGOVER! Come sing at the Church of Karaoke!

HALF-PRICE BOXES from 6pm til midnight!


MONTAG 9.3.20 ab 18 Uhr - MultiSEXual BOXhopping
                                                     + Sing on Stage with Miss Samantha ab 21 Uhr

Queer + Friends. Mix + Mingle! Box Sharing + Caring!

5,- Entry. Sing in the karaoke boxes all night long! Big stage opens at 21h.

Queers + homos, trans + non-binary folks, heteros + etceteras, all sing together in shared boxes! There are no private rooms on Monday, all boxes become a public domain for all kinds of singers, all kind of genders!!!

The entrance fee includes karaoke on our stage!

Respect! Sing Together - Fight the Power!

DIENSTAG 10.3.20 ab 20 Uhr *** NEW START TIME!*** 
                                                     - THE HOUSE OF PRESENTS' DRAG SHOW
                                           ab 00:30 - Sing on Stage with Gieza Poke

EVERY. TUESDAY. NIGHT. The ladies of the House of Presents spread their legs and welcome you to MONSTER RONSON'S for a drag show you don't want to miss! Support these hard working queens as they entertain you on the hardest day of the week, every week! 

Gieza Poke opens the door to her PokeHouse where she presents the freshest new drag & drag-adjacent queer talent every week! Shows start after 9pm. Interested in performing? Find her on Facebook and send a message!
At 10pm, PANSY and THE HOUSE OF PRESENTS give you the shows you've been loving for the past four years. We're the gifts that keep on giving and can't wait to share our secrets with you!

MITTWOCH 11.3.20 ab 21 Uhr -- Sing on Stage with King Josephine

+ Half-priced cabins from 6pm - midnight!