Montag, 12. Februar 2018


Ronson's is getting a MONSTER MAKEOVER! 

Wir sind bis einschließlich 15.3 wegen Renovierungsarbeiten geschlossen.

We're closed for renovations through 15.3.

Rumor has it, the Janis & Elvis boxes have been gettin' it on after hours, and now Janis is PREGNANT AF with some brand new baby boxes!! 

We can't wait to for you to meet them! But first they have to be nursed into good health!

That means you'll have to wait until March 16th to get your karaoke kicks!

We're so excited for this new year in Monsterdom with y'all! We've got loads of fun things planned, so stay tuned! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @monsterronsons for updates, and of course here on our weekly blog!

XOXO Yours in Monsterdom

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*** PANSY & THE HOUSE OF PRESENTS' Drag Shows will continue to happen every Tuesday while we are closed -- at other locations! Please visit the following link for more info:

Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018


Do. 29.3.18

The Bears are coming out from their hibernation and straight into the Ronson's for another debaucherous night of song, dance & beer-guzzling!

As always, it's a Beer Bust!
€12 Flatrate Beer von 22 - 2 Uhr!

Hosted by Monnica Bearvinksy & Gieza Poke!

with special guest DJ TUMULTO!

Sing on stage with Monnica & Gieza, or in the Piano Lounge with Shomo the Bearded!

Get down with your animal self on the dance floor with DJ TUMULTO, in the HOT BOX or the Bear Pit!

Free shots for wild animals!

Join the Facebook Event  HERE!


Tumulto is a DJ/musician and visual artist, originally coming from Sicily, Italy. After finishing the ACT Campus Film School in Rome, he created ‘Take the Street’, a photographic art project that invited its spectators ‘to take control of their identity, without fear or shame’. He also organized two club parties known for blending arts, music and performances. 

In 2012, Tumulto moved to Berlin, where he explored the many facets of cultural working life. He started as an editor of international feature films, most recently the Edwin Brienen production “God”. He acted in the Sally Shapiro video for “Starman” and discovered his newfound love for producing music. 

After a track for Fytini’s XMAX compilation he released his debut single "Concrete Talk" a collaboration with Rome-based musician Lady Maru.