go drag! FESTIVAL - Ladies Night

5 Oct
Oct 2022

go drag! International festival celebrating; women, non binary and trans artists!

Doors: 21.00

Show: 22.00


Post Show Karaoke: 24.00

After show; onstage karaoke 5€!


An evening to celebrate extraordinary Drag Queens and femme drag performers.

Get your wigs and your lashes and your heels because it's ladies night!

Hosted by Cherdonna Shinatra (USA), featuring Beau Blonde (UK), Juwelia (Berlin), Lawunda Richardson (USA), Prince Emrah (Turkmenistan/Berlin), Zazie deParis (Paris/Berlin), Brown Sugar Biscuit (Singapore/Berlin).

Jody Kuehner is Seattle-based dance artist, director, and performance artist Cherdonna Shinatra. She is a queer dancer who uses clowning, drag, theater, comedy, performance art, camp, pop culture, queer culture, feminist traditions, absurdity and subversive commentary to make art. Cherdonna is a persona created by Jody to explore and question themselves and the world.

Beau Blonde's event brand Creatures of Catharsis has become a staple of the North West UK Queer scene, with an emphasis on championing those of inter-sectionally marginalized identities. Now Beau is often found in the wings when it comes to drag shows. For go drag! 2022 Beau will be making a special appearance bringing back their drag persona which is a member of the legendary Manchester based Drag House - Family Gorgeous.

Juwelia (Stefan Stricker) born 1963 in Korbach Germany. Beauty dancer in Las Vegas 1995 - 2005. Since 2006 runs the transi-dreaming Gallery: Galerie Studio St. St. in Berlin - Neukölln.

Lawunda Richardson. Do you ever wonda of the fantasy of Lawunda? She's forever searching for that light at the end of the lyric. A poem.

Prince Emrah (pronouns she/he) is a professional belly dancer, a dance trainer, a beauty & wellness student, a make-up artist, a DJ, and an occasional drag queen based in Berlin. A few years ago, she arrived in Berlin as a refugee from Turkmenistan and is of Kurdish & Azerbaijan descent. Since then, he has built an impressive artistic career in Berlin's performance art scene and beyond. Emrah is the mother of an artist collective called "House of Royals," which provides a space for BIPOC LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers and refugees from countries such as Syria, Palestine, Malaysia, Libya, and the like.

Zazie de Paris, the Parisian was born as a boy of Jewish parents. Already at the age of eight she began ballet training at the Paris Opera. Zazie de Paris is successful as a transsexual French singer, presenter and actress.
"She has the attributes of a star – the unfathomable, the mysterious, the unapproachable, the pride, the ability to attract everyone's attention with an exhilarating performance"  Theater Heute (Theatre Today).

Brown Sugar Biscuit
Recently moved to Berlin, the new It girl in town, Singaporean Indian Drag Artist. A proud Tamil Transwoman, featured in Vogue Singapore for International Women's Day 2022.  Made her first debut performance In Monster Ronson’s and was the Beyoncé herself at Melt Festival 2022. She is full of energy, fierce and feisty, yet soft and sensual. Definitely a C.U.N.T. You may have spotted her at the Rave/Love Parade or on the insta posts of Tagesschau your "8 o'clock German News". She is hard to miss, she is everywhere and she is definitely taking over the scene in Berlin.

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