go drag! FESTIVAL - International Men of Mystery

4 Oct
Oct 2022

go drag! International festival celebrating; women, non binary and trans artists!

Doors: 21.00

Show: 22.00


Post Show Karaoke: 24.00

After show; onstage karaoke 5€!

International Men of Mystery

An evening to celebrate Drag Kings who live and work outside of Germany.

This cabaret will introduce a Berlin audience to the different flavors of Drag King performance which exist in other cities.

Get ready to meet these international men of mystery.

Hosted by Mo B. Dick (USA), featuring Afro Disiac (USA), Freddie Love (UK), Ken Pollet (Spain), Prinx Chiyo (UK), and Saint Eugene (France).

Mo B. Dick (LA/USA), Drag King Legend, MC extraordinaire, Show producer, and Drag King historian, is cited as one of the founding fathers of the modern-day Drag King movement. This host with the most is a wise-cracking, tough-talking knucklehead with an outspoken wit and charm that will make your heart swoon. When hosting a show, Mo has a charismatic, engaging, humorous style. His performances range from stand up comedy, classic lip sync, conceptual acts, to monologues with music.

Afro Disiac born and raised in the USA is a LIVE and Lip sync Drag Performing Artist and Comedian with over 20 years experience. Their vibe is Hip Hop Faggotry, Classic Crooner with a touch of ridiculous. They love to keep the audience engaged & begging for more.

Freddie Love (they/them) is an actor, operatic singer, and drag divo based in London. Exploring gender, art, opera, and musical theatre, Freddie's work is an incredible fusion of styles and influences.

Ken Pollet, philosopher and gender terrorist, is pushing the scene in Barcelona by organising events, workshops and debates-inverviews. He uses parody and desire as weapons to crack gender norms & machismo.

Prinx Chiyo, the UK's Prinx of Provocation - named one of Attitude Mag's 101 Trailblazers of the Year and praised for his impact on the future of Drag. CHIYO is a pioneer in the scene, being one of the first Drag Artists to ever perform at Wembley Stadium, touring as a dancer with multiple pop stars, and being the first Trans man to ever compete for Mr Gay UK.

Saint Eugene uses drag king performance as a means of exploration through hypersensitive and paradoxical masculinities. Since 2018, he's been using striptease as a form of storytelling.

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