go drag! FESTIVAL - Drag Without Limits

6 Oct
Oct 2022

go drag! International festival celebrating; women, non binary and trans artists!

Doors: 21.00

Show: 22.00


Post Show Karaoke: 24.00

After show; onstage karaoke 5€!


An evening to celebrate Drag performers who work beyond the binary.

Drag Quings, creatures, aliens, beasts. Beyond man and woman, king and queen, beyond human! What lies beyond hetoronormative imaginings?

What is drag without limits? Hosted by Eric big Clit (Vienna/Austria), featuring Bala Bimbambum (Armenia/Berlin), Godxxx (USA/Berlin),Lilith the Quing (Brazil/Berlin), Psoriasis (Iran/Amsterdam), Sasha Kills (Paris/Berlin), Femmeboyant (Germany).

Eric big Clit is a Drag Quing / Drag Thing dealing with their own growth on stage. As a character, they showed a huge development themselves, they want to see in our world, generally. Radical softness meets kinky humorous wholesomeness.

Bala Bimbambum is The Berlin Drag Creature that is going to show you a glimpse of their universe called Bugistan. Far from gender they will shock you with colors and creatures from their land.

GodXXX Noirphiles (Adrian Marie Blount) - Parent to Chance Aijuka/ Non Binary Femme Boi/Founder/Organizer/ Curator/DJ - is based in Berlin by way of San Diego, CA. After attending San Francisco State to obtain their/her BA in theatre, she/they performed in New York, traveled across the USA with a touring theatre troupe, then moved to Rhode Island to perform with various Brown University programs including the Center for Slavery and Justice, Brown/ Trinity and Trinity Repertory theatre. Since being in Berlin, Adrian has taught anti-racist and collective healing workshops with various organizations such as Dice Festival and Conference and AfriVenir, DJ'd internationally, performed at Münchner Kammerspiele; in Berlin at: Volksbühne, Maxim Gorki Theater, Sophiensaele, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse and English Theatre Berlin (and others) and is the founder and lead organizer of the drag collective House of Living Colors for exclusively queer and trans BIPOC.

Lilith the Quing, the mistress of demons, daddy of nymphs, the genderless contrasexual shapeshifter spacebender dreamdrifter brings fluidity and consciousness with devilish kindness. Lilith is chaos beyond the human binary with a touch of drama, camp and provocative and a pinch of fairy tale and magic.

Sasha Kills, Trans Nonbinary GODX & creator of La Guillotine in Berlin & Paris - Sasha Kills is a Neo-French chimeric creature with a Berlin aftertaste a la Mullholland Drive in the early morning.

Femmeboyant is a queer creature that is as much flamboyant as awkward, as silly as serious. They are on a continuous quest to playfully expand our realm of possibilities through drag, humour and absurdity.

Parisa Madani // psoriasis aka b1txx3$k?llah* fka the persian princis from the gorgeous house of gucci and the iconic hall of fame kiki house of juicy couture. The story of a long nailed German-iranian woman of trans* experience with sharp green eyes working with live arts and the communities.

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