go drag! FESTIVAL - Boys Of Berlin

3 Oct
Oct 2022

go drag! International festival celebrating; women, non binary and trans artists!

Doors: 21.00

Show: 22.00


Post Show Karaoke: 24.00

Before and after show €5 Multisexual Boxhopping! SING everywhere in the Ronsons!


An evening to celebrate Berlin’s masculine talent.

Drag Kings, and performers that play with masculinity, who currently live and work in the city.

Get your beers and your bratwurst, it's the boys of Berlin!

Hosted by Mo B. Dick, featuring Caine Panik, Kaputino, Magic Dyke,Mojo, Océan, and Ryan Stecken.

Mo B. Dick (LA/USA), Drag King Legend, MC extraordinaire, Show producer, and Drag King historian, is cited as one of the founding fathers of the modern-day Drag King movement. This host with the most is a wise-cracking, tough-talking knucklehead with an outspoken wit and charm that will make your heart swoon. When hosting a show, Mo has a charismatic, engaging, humorous style. His performances range from stand up comedy, classic lip sync, conceptual acts, to monologues with music.

Caine Panik is Berlin's pre-post-apocalyptic gentlepunk and since 2017 has been enchanting, amusing and irritating the audience with a mix of showtunes, spoken word lip sync, burlesque and fetish elements.

Kaputino, Jota Ramos (b. 1989, BraSil) is a multidisciplinary trans masculine visual artist. Through Kaputino he explores gender identities, addresses political issues and searches for performativities that question stereotypes. For the artist, drag is more than an artistic expression, it is a means to self-knowledge.

Magic Dyke is a masculine stripping party group of dykes, butches, studs, bois, mascs, lesbians, sapphics, trans and non-binary people. Creating spaces by and for the FLINTA* community through Magic Mike dance and strip.

Mojo, the Sword Swallower of Switzerland is a Drag King and part of the performance collective Venus Boys. A part-time milkman and lonely one-man cabaret, Mojo wanders the streets of Berlin hoping to be reunited with his long-lost twin.

Océan has, for 20 years, travelled the world with their multifaceted performances incl. poetry slam, dance, music & singing - with a French accent and a deep, dual perspective on life.

Ryan Stecken, a familiar face from stage and television, this internationally booked drag quing will tear at your heartstrings with their emotionally charged ballads and political message.

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