Jews! Jews! Jews!, One Last Song with Ripsy, Xmas in Ronson's and more!


Hey Monsters: Good news!!

We've just added 102 new songs, at your request!!

CLICK HERE or a list of all new songs!!



We're open every single night throughout the holidays? 

Heiligabend 24.12 gibt's wie immer die Drag Show mit Pansy

Erster Weihnachtstag gibt's Karaoke auf der Bühne mit Fortune Taylor

Zweiter Weihnachtstag gibt's Karaoke auf der Bühne mit Felix Fauxpas

und am Silvester gibt's sowohl die Drag Show ab 20 Uhr als auch Karaoke auf der Bühne ab Mitternacht!

und an dieser Stelle...

Greetings from Summer 
& Happy Holidays from the Monster Family! 
<3 <3 <3

Do. 19.12 ab 21 Uhr

Lolita Vavoom & Nana Schewitz present:
 Jews Jews Jews is BACK with everyone's favorite holiday!!

We are also celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary!

Your favorite Jews! Jews! Jews! are back, bubbe! Producer Lolita VaVoom and hostess Nana Schewitz are truly verklempt to present you a spectacular retelling of the Channukah story, featuring the best of Jewish(-ish) drag, burlesque, music, and comedy. Special guests include the queen of Polish Burlesque, Betty Q, and the 85-year-old dirty darling, Lynn Ruth Miller. More shows, games, and food to be had as we celebrate the festival of lights.  So come get spun with us as the cast of Jews! Jews! Jews! has you screaming GIMMEL more!

Betty Q
Lynn Ruth Miller
Karma She
Lola Rose
Nana Schewitz
Lolita Va Voom

We will have our charity raffle as always, this time donations going to Never Again Action

Doors at 21.00, show at 22.00
No pre-sale, tickets only at the door!


Mon. 23.12 ab 21 Uhr
One Last Song with Ripsy!!

With very heavy chain mail and even heavier hearts, we are bidding adieu to our beloved KJ extraordinaire RIPSY!!

Ripsy's 5-year-long KJ career began in 2014 with the very raunchy, very raucous, messy and super-fuckin-fun drag karaoke party called Daddies' Treats, later to be known as Panty Splatters, together with hostesses T-Word and Mysti. Many songs were sung, many complementary shots were shot, many str8 boys were never quite the same since.

Since then, Ripsy became an integral part of our KJ team and our Monster Fam.  Rips' rocked many a night and early morning hour, sung many a song and danced backup ballet to many performances.

We love you dear Ripsy and we wish you all the best on your future endeavors!!

Forever in Monsterdom! <3

Come sing, dance & cry with Ripsy one last time on Monday, December 23rd


und hier zu den Terminen der nächsten Kararaokewoche:

DONNERSTAG 19.12.19 ab 21 Uhr:

 Lolita Vavoom & Nana Schewitz Present:
                    JEWS! JEWS! JEWS! CHANUKKAH 2.0!
ab Mitternacht - Sing on Stage with Ripsy!

FREITAG 20.12.19 ab 20 Uhr - Sing on Stage with Fortune Taylor
                                   ab 3 Uhr - Karaoke Afterhour with Fortune Taylor

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€3bis Mitternacht gültig:  
All I want for Christmas... is more karaoke in my life!
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

SAMSTAG 21.12.19 ab 20 Uhr - Sing on Stage with The Shredder
                                     ab 3 Uhr - Karaoke Afterhour with SuperNoa
***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€3bis Mitternacht gültig:  
All I want for Christmas... is more karaoke in my life!
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

SONNTAG 22.12.19 ab 21 Uhr  - Liquid Brunch with SuperNoa
Kill your hangover! Sing at the church of karaoke!                          
+ HALF-PRICE BOXES from 6pm til midnight!  

MONTAG 23.12.19 ab 18 Uhr - MultiSEXual BOXhopping
                                                     + RIPSY'S GRAND KJ FINALE :(( ab 21 Uhr

Queer + Friends. Mix + Mingle! Box Sharing + Caring!

5,- Entry. Sing in the karaoke boxes all night long! Big stage opens at 21h.

Queers + homos, trans + non-binary folks, heteros + etceteras, all sing together in shared boxes! There are no private rooms on Monday, all boxes become a public domain for all kinds of singers, all kind of genders!!!

The entrance fee includes karaoke on our stage!

Respect! Sing Together - Fight the Power!


EVERY. TUESDAY. NIGHT. The ladies of the House of Presents spread their legs and welcome you to MONSTER RONSON'S for a drag show you don't want to miss! Support these hard working queens as they entertain you on the hardest day of the week, every week! 

Gieza Poke opens the door to her PokeHouse where she presents the freshest new drag & drag-adjacent queer talent every week! Shows start after 22. Interested in performing? Find her on Facebook and send a message!
At 23, PANSY and THE HOUSE OF PRESENTS give you the shows you've been loving for the past four years. We're the gifts that keep on giving and can't wait to share our secrets with you!

MITTWOCH 25.12.19 ab 21 Uhr -- Anti-X.Mas with Fortune Taylor

Don't like the Holidays, or just can't stand your family? Come be a part of the Monster Family instead!