THURSDAY 13.6 ab 20 Uhr



Swim on down to the Rad Robot Disco Aquatic! It's an under-the-sea themed queer feminist concert/party with female-fronted live acts and disco DJs. People better get their tentacles, fins, starfish, and barnacle-beards ready! Costumes optional, but come on...live a little ;)

Entry is between 5-10 euros to help us cover the stage rental and organizational costs. We will provide an enchanting evening with stimulating sounds, extravagant costumes, and dazzling visuals (TBA!).

LIVE: Gaff E, Alfred Ladylike & Surf Dancer, Purdy Hölsom
DJs: Anni Star, Breaque

Unapologetic in her bodily animal energy, Gaff-E is as infamous as she is dedicated to colour and female vibrance. Gaff-E has performed around the world on festivals such as Glastonbury, Burning Man, Camp Cosmic, Rainbow Serpent and Sydney Festival. A true psychedelic butterfly, Gaff-E transcends genres flying her own divine style. Her colourful performances are a wild, carnal, hallucinogenic, activating trip!

Alfred Ladylike & Surf Dancer serve a spicy cocktail of bluesy ukulele crooning and manic synthpop weirdness. With dazzling costumes and a theatrical stage presence, they lure audiences on an electrifying emotional journey. The duo bounces freely between fantasy fluff and earnest self-reflection, all mixed up with a twisted sense of humor.

Purdy Holsom is a musical comic from North Carolina. She’s classically trained in not giving a fuck. One fan described her as “Peaches and John Waters having a sleepover.”

Anni Star likes all things Horny and can't wait to Finally meet the Mr. Vain — her Summertime Love. With her sets, she is never Ride On Time, as it seems that for her Rhythm is a Mystery. Nevertheless, It's a Sin, not to join her S-Express to the land of Lambada.

Breaque has been playing other people's music since the mid-90s, specializing in both of the finest genres around: house AND disco. Lately he's known for putting together 125+ episodes of the Hausaufgabe mix series.

Flyer artwork by Toshio Custom.

Monster Ronson's has a few basic rules, and one of them is RESPECT, written in all caps - let's abide!


und hier zu den Aussichten der aktuellen Karaokewoche:

DONNERSTAG 6.6.19 - Sing on Stage with SuperNoa!

Weekend Warm-Up with SuperNoa!

FREITAG 7.6.19 ab 20 Uhr - Sing on Stage with The Shredder!
                                  ab 3 Uhr - Karaoke Afterhour with Ripsy!
***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€3bis Mitternacht gültig:  
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

SAMSTAG 8.6.19 ab 20 Uhr - Gieza Poke's Mic Hunt feat. Lola Rose!
                                  ab 3 Uhr - Karaoke Afterhour!
***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€3bis Mitternacht gültig: 
There is no password for this night -- come in a DRAG LOOK for FREE entry!
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**


SONNTAG 9.6.19 ab 20 Uhr - Sing on Stage with SuperNoa!
                                  ab 3 Uhr - Karaoke Afterhour with The Shredder!

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€3bis Mitternacht gültig:  
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

MONTAG 10.6.19 ab 18 Uhr - MultiSEXual BOXhopping! 
                                                     + Sing on Stage w/ Zoe ab 21 Uhr!

Queer + Friends. Mix + Mingle! Box Sharing + Caring!

5,- Entry. Sing in the karaoke boxes all night long! Big stage opens at 21h.

Queers + homos, trans + non-binary folks, heteros + etceteras, all sing together in shared boxes! There are no private rooms on Monday, all boxes become a public domain for all kinds of singers, all kind of genders!!!

The entrance fee includes karaoke on our stage!

Respect! Sing Together - Fight the Power!


EVERY. TUESDAY. NIGHT. The ladies of the House of Presents spread their legs and welcome you to MONSTER RONSON'S for a drag show you don't want to miss! Support these hard working queens as they entertain you on the hardest day of the week, every week! 

Dive into GIEZA'S POKEHOUSE as Gieza Poke is going to be hosting a pre-show with brand-new talent evey week! Category is: Queen first time in drag on the stage! The newcomers show starts promptly at 22. 

At 23, PANSY and THE HOUSE OF PRESENTS give you the shows you've been loving for the past four years. We're the gifts that keep on giving and can't wait to share our secrets with you!

MITTWOCH 12.6.19 ab 21 Uhr - Sing on Stage with Johnny B!
+ Half-price boxes from 6pm - midnight!

(See info above)