Jews! Jews! Jews! Synth Pop Troubadours & Mic Hunt!

Head's up, Monsters!  

BIG THINGS are coming to Ronson's in December!

Thursday, December 13th: 

 Synth Pop Troubadours
"Drink & Drive" Video Release Party + Concert!

feat. Per Gouras &  D. Henry

Come celebrate the fourth single/ music video from SPT's upcoming album, "Synthpop Is D3ad". Featuring Synth Pop Troubadours, Per Gouras and D. Henry

Synth Pop Troubadours:

“A showstopping, heart-thumping ride from start to finish, Synth Pop Troubadours will surprise you with their glittery blend of Art Trash and New Wave. Throw on your sequins, dye your poodle's fur, pack him into your handbag and get your butt down to Monster Ronsons. They will psychologically blow you to smithereens. Be there.”

Thursday, December 6th: 

Lolita Vavoom Presents:
 Jews! Jews! Jews!
A Minori-Tease Cabaret!

hosted by Nana Schewitz

featuring FKA (UK), Banbury Cross (UK/Berlin), Liliana Velasquez (USA/Colombia/Berlin), and Lolita Va Voom (USA/Berlin)

 + DJ Olympia Bukkakis


Saturday, December 8th:
 Gieza Poke's Mic Hunt!

Every second Saturday of the month at Monster Ronson's!

Berlin’s queen of karaoke Gieza Poke is here to bring you a brand new Drag-Karaoke experience every second Saturday of the month at Monster Ronson's!

Mic Hunt is your chance to get in some heels, get on the stage and get the party started! Featuring audience games, drag-based mini-challenges and of course a sensational drag-themed songlist as well as Gieza’s full back-catalogue of parody songs - you better start your engines hunty because the best woman/man/non-binary-entity sings!

Be prepared to be surprised, this isn't your typical karaoke night honey!

Come in drag makeup and a LOOK to get in for free!

Join the facebook event HERE!

Every second Saturday of the month at Monster Ronson's!

Und hier zu den Aussichten der aktuellen Karaokewoche:

DONNERSTAG 6.12.18 ab 21 Uhr  -- Jews! Jews! Jews! A Chanukkah Extravaganza!

See info above

FREITAG 7.12.18 ab 23 Uhr -- Sing on Stage with Ripsy!

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€2) bis 1 Uhr gültig:  
Gieza Poke's Mic Hunt..... TOMORROW!
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

SAMSTAG 8.12.18 ab 22 Uhr - Gieza Poke's Mic Hunt feat. Alexander Cameltoe!

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€2) bis 1 Uhr gültig:  
There is no password for this night -- come in a drag makeup LOOK for free entry though!!
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

SONNTAG 9.12.18 ab 21 Uhr - Liquid Brunch with King Josephine!

KILL YOUR HANGOVER! Come down easy and get back up on stage with the monsters!

HALF-PRICE BOXES from 7pm til midnight!

MONTAG 10.12.18 ab 22 Uhr -- MultiSEXual BOXhopping with Ripsy!

Queer + Friends. Mix + Mingle! Box Sharing + Caring!

5,- Entry. Sing in the karaoke boxes all night long! Big stage opens at 22h.

Queers + homos, trans + non-binary folks, heteros + etceteras, all sing together in shared boxes! There are no private rooms on Monday, all boxes become a public domain for all kinds of singers, all kind of genders!!!

The entrance fee includes karaoke on our stage!

Respect! Sing Together - Fight the Power!


EVERY. TUESDAY. NIGHT. The ladies of the House of Presents spread their legs and welcome you to MONSTER RONSON'S for a drag show you don't want to miss! Support these hard working queens as they entertain you on the hardest day of the week, every week! 

Dive into GIEZA'S POKEHOUSE as Gieza Poke is going to be hosting a pre-show with brand-new talent evey week! Category is: Queen first time in drag on the stage! The newcomers show starts promptly at 22. 

At 23, PANSY and THE HOUSE OF PRESENTS give you the shows you've been loving for the past four years. We're the gifts that keep on giving and can't wait to share our secrets with you!