B2B Record Release

Big news! We've got two back 2 back record releases coming to you, the last two Thursdays in September! Thursday, Sept. 20th is Anxiety Dreams: Das Fluff Record Release w/ Mad Kate & Randy Twigg (DJ), and Sept. 27th is Laura Guidi: The Point - Record Release Party!

Thurs. 20. September // ANXIETY DREAMS
DAS FLUFF Record Release Party

Don't miss the world-premiere of DAS FLUFF"s new record Anxiety Dreams. The band's fourth album is feral, uncompromising and defiantly dangerous!

Das Fluff

Be terrified by front woman Dawn Lintern's live performance - mesmerising, intimidating and exciting. Her voice is her weapon: angelic sweetness and the shriekings of a she-devil set against a bi-polar mix of synth punk, raving guitars and heady dance beats.

Mad Kate
is a performance artist, musician, writer and sex worker based in Berlin. Her explorations of borders between bodies and performance as praxis of radical imaginings have brought her to theaters, communes, technomansions, prisons, dungeons, squats and galleries around the world.

+ Randy Twigg (DJ)

Get it at Monster Ronsons on September 20. Dancing required!


Thurs. 27. September // LAURA GUIDI
THE POINT Record Release Party
Italian songstress Laura Guidi is a formidable madam. A tour de force. A dangerous and volatile creature, brimming with life, energy and bitter- sweetness. Her songs are brutal, explicitly honest, funny and aching with pathos. Her heavy Italian accent renders her lyrical eloquence all the more beguiling. Her voice is her plaything, flitting effortlessly and unpredictably between bursts of raw power and bruised fragility. Her music, her voice and dark, penetrating eyes, are an open invitation to venture into the depths of her very being. Listen to Laura Guidi and there is no escaping the intense, shared experience of what it is to be human.

The Point is Laura Guidi’s first album release, and will be available on vinyl and CD. It was recorded in Berlin, where she and her band are based and features Matteo Tambussi on guitar, Hal Strewe on bass and Paolo Baltaro on drums. The twelve songs take the listener on a lucid journey where they will encounter the intrigue and magnetism of Berlin, get a peek into the cynical mind of someone looking for love in the digital age and hear the internal musings of a Bowie lover reflecting upon intoxication, revolution, wasting time – and her best friend – hope.

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Und hier zu den Aussichten der aktuellen Karaokewoche:

DONNERSTAG 30.8.18 ab 22 Uhr -- Sing on Stage with Licky Puppy!

Weekend Warm-up with Licky Puppy!

FREITAG 31.8.18 ab 22 Uhr -- Sing on Stage with King Josephine!

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€2) bis 1 Uhr gültig: 
I'll be there for B2B Record Release parties, the last two Thursdays in September!
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

SAMSTAG 1.9.18 ab 22 Uhr -- Sing on Stage with Shredder!

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (€2) bis 1 Uhr gültig: 
I'll be there for B2B Record Release parties, the last two Thursdays in September!
 (Dies gilt nicht für Bachelorettes, Junggesellenabschiede, Etc)**

SONNTAG 2.9.18 ab 21 Uhr - Liquid Brunch with SuperNoa!

KILL YOUR HANGOVER! Come down easy and get back up on stage with the monsters!

FREE ENTRY + HALF-PRICE BOXES from 7pm - midnight!

MONTAG 3.9.18 ab 22 Uhr -- MultiSEXual BOXhopping with Alexander Cameltoe!

Queer + Friends. Mix + Mingle! Box Sharing + Caring!

3,- Entry. Sing in the karaoke boxes all night long! Big stage opens at 22h.

Queers + homos, trans + non-binary folks, heteros + etceteras, all sing together in shared boxes! There are no private rooms on Monday, all boxes become a public domain for all kinds of singers, all kind of genders!!!

The entrance fee includes karaoke on our stage!

Respect! Sing Together - Fight the Power!


EVERY. TUESDAY. NIGHT. The ladies of the House of Presents spread their legs and welcome you to MONSTER RONSON'S for a drag show you don't want to miss! Support these hard working queens as they entertain you on the hardest day of the week, every week! 

Dive into GIEZA'S POKEHOUSE as Gieza Poke is going to be hosting a pre-show with brand-new talent evey week! Category is: Queen first time in drag on the stage! The newcomers show starts promptly at 22. 

At 23, PANSY and THE HOUSE OF PRESENTS give you the shows you've been loving for the past four years. We're the gifts that keep on giving and can't wait to share our secrets with you!