Step into the Palais: The ethereal Hungry, the marble-ous Chloe Waldorf and the hysterical Yvonne Nightstand present to you a polished night of alternative performance extravaganza!

This is a showcase for all the ones to watch! A night to be discovered and discover yourself!
Come as your favourite alter ego and dress to depress! Because, let's face it: This is your movie and you're here to let everyone know!

Palais Plastique is a night dedicated to get Berlin's club kids back on the dance floor! We want your very own drag, radical looks, concepts no one understands and things glued to your face! And all that in an environment that appreciates and celebrates your effort! Let us drag you on stage for our lip sync competition! Let us make you flaunt your outfit to get the chance to win a tacky shiny hat!
We will have very special guest judges to crown our nogender king and queen of the Palais and prizes you don't want, but will take home anyway!

You will be facing twisted drag acts and glorious DJ sets by your hostesses and friends all night long, and there are rumours the SXXSELLS kids will be spinning some tunes as well! Or escape the dance floor for a bit, to have your tarot cards laid out and read for you!

All this glamour will be captured by Berlin's newest treasure, Daniel Peace, who just left all of London's glitz, to catch Berlin's sub cultures & personas, just like he, very successfully and often published, did in the Kingdom. Are you ready for your close up?

DOORS 22:00
SHOW 00:00