B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Chords): Monster Ronson's Open Mic Night w/ Live Backing Band!

B.Y.O.C  (Bring Your Own Chords): 
Monster Ronson's OPEN MIC night w/ LIVE BACKING BAND!

NEXT DATE: B.Y.O.C. is taking a short winter break - we'll be back in the spring!!

Lovers of acoustic music, new songwriting and new poetry - make your way down to Ronson's at 10pm for a candle lit night that will be both engaging, humorous and emotional!

SONGWRITERS & POETS! Hear your songs or words brought to life on stage with our house band! Bring your own chords to our very special monthly open mic night!

We encourage all artists to perform one song or poem solo, in addition to one or two songs with the band, but this is not a must!

Please make sure all chord charts / poems are in LARGE PRINT printed out 3 times, for the drummer, bassist, and guitarist / keyboard player.  (If you’re unsure what to do as a musician have look here at the simplest version of SLASH NOTATION: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chord_chart#Slash_notation

Stage fright? Performers get a drink on the house!

The Rules - for the performers and audience: No cover versions, only original songs allowed. Audience must be respectful to the performers and therefore quiet during performances. There will be an interval. Songs should be no longer than 8 minutes.

Hosted by Jon Campbell


Nikolai Petersen - Drums
Simon Meyer - Keyboards / electric guitar
Niko Scharnofske - Double Bass
Entry: Free for performers, €3 for non-performers.