You've seen them popping up all around Berlin in the past couple of weeks. They were beckoning you from the bathroom stall in Roses, vying for your attention from the beer-soaked bar top at Möbel Olfe. Staring back at you from the mirror when you stumbled into the bathroom the next morning. Winking at you from your boyfriend's cheek when you leaned in to kiss him. Had he been abducted by gay wizards? Was he blessed by a Drag Queen Disco Priestess? Was he cheating on you with a Leprechaun? 

No, babes. Don't get your spandex in a twist. These aren't little hints of the apocalypse. They're not the shiny remnants of a crashed UFO, either. They are miniature messengers from another world. Little sand-sized love letters sent back in time from the Aquarian Age. And if you listened carefully in the bathroom stall, or if you could see the signs through the green smoke in the Olfe, then you got the message, written in the Word of Glitter. It said:


Yes, Soldiers. That's right, Captains. THIS SATURDAY - 10.11.12 - it's that time again to board the Sparkleship - to be launched into a realm of Glistening Glamour, Sparkling Slutdom, Booty-Shaking Beat-Dropping, and Laser-Beam Love!

The Ronsons has been tranformed into a sparkle factory. We're standing so deep in glitter, we're practically breathing the stuff! And one by one, our crew members are arriving at the launchpad. In just a few days, your dazzling Hostess MARISA SPARKLES will check in, followed by the fantastic French Disco-Sensational SUPERMEN LOVERS. They'll join with the fabulous forces of DJs MASSIMILIANO PAGLIARA and JUAN OF A KIND, your MC MONSTER RONSON and the dancing phenomenon that is JACKIE WORD. By Saturday, the Ronsons will have completed it's full transformation into a Space Ship, so get ready for take-off!!

COME SPARKLING!! If you're in full Sparkle-Garb and INSIDE THE VESSEL before midnight, you can board for free!! If you're in costume and get on board after midnight, you pay reduced entry at the door!! DOORS OPEN AT 23:00 !!! 

See you in space! And remember: MORE IS MORE!!


Donnerstag 8.11.12 THE SHREDDER at MIXED NUTS ab 22 Uhr

In the coming days before take-off, we've got a great line-up of PREGAMING PARTIES (vorglühen Feste!!) so you don't go stir-crazy while you're gluing sequins on your spandex. THE SHREDDER is going to wet your whistle (unter anderem) and get your feet in shape for some serious disco dancing with a smoltering DJ Set, mixed up with DANCEFLOOR KARAOKE delivered by the fierce and flirty SVETLANA PALL MALL!!

Get your free shot at the door, win prizes in the ACTING CONTEST, shake your ass and sing it off at the same time, get nasty playing dating games!

Freitag 9.11.12 (mini-) ALTERNATIVE KARAOKE with FENEK ab 22 Uhr

Our big stage will be closed on this evening, as it is undergoing a transformation for the SPARKLE ARMY on the following day (see above ;) but that won't stop FENEK from working her Karaoke Zauber all night -- in the Lounge! She's put together a list of ALTERNATIVE songs for you to sing, which you can find *HERE*! This is a night of Ohrwurmfreie Karaoke! Das heißt: no Britney, no Whitney from 22 - 1 Uhr!!

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (2,- Euro): "MORE IS MORE!!" (Dies gilt nicht für Bachlorettes, Junggesellenabschiede etc.)***

Samstag 10.11.12 JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY!!!!!! ab 23 Uhr

You are cordially invited to another legendary night of dazzling on the dance floor under disco balls and laser beams!

That’s right- it’s that time again when Da General returns from NYC to make sure you pledge your devotion to the Word of Glitter!

-Experience the disco-tastic sounds of The Supermen Lovers LIVE! They are riding their spaceship all the way from Galaxy Francais just to make you shake your booty!

-Get lost in the vortex as you dance all night to an ultra- galactic DJ set from Massimiliano Pagliara!

This extra sparkling night kicks off with DJ Juan of a Kind who’ll get the party started so you can get down tonight!

Featuring special guest and dancing sensation Jackee Word, Master of Ceremonies Monster Ronson and your dazzling hostess Marisa Sparkles!

More is More so be sure to wear your sparkling best…. you might win a 50 Euro Bar Tab prize!

Plus , those in full glitter garb also get in free before midnight, if they're on board by midnight!!

Sonntag 11.11.12 LIQUID BRUNCH with PUNKY LONGSTOCKING ab 21 Uhr

Whether you're coming down lightly, coming down hard, or still in outer space, PUNKY is going ease your landing with the best remedy out there for Sunday Blues: SINGING. The big stage is OPEN! Coming back down to earth can be tough, so let's do it together! FREE ENTRY !

Montag 12.11.12 MultiSEXual BOXhopping with SCOTTY ab 22 Uhr

SCOTTY's your man on the KARAOKE DANCEFLOOR on Monday, so you might have to be careful not to slip on the glitter while singing and dancing! Whether you're rockin the mic alone, or singing a duet, or if Scotty's doing his amazing backup vocals -- there's no better way to spend a gloomy Monday!

3 euros gets you 10 KARAOKE BOXES - where you can hop from one to the next, and sing, sweat, scream, smoke, get naked, cry, take shots, or just mingle with friends - or complete strangers! Booze is a great social lubricant, but SINGING TOGETHER is even better! And if you bring some real lubricant with you, that's even better, because Mondays are especially gay days, and it gets pretty hot and steamy in those boxes!