OH WHAT A NIGHT!!! The Sparkleship completed its journey to infinity and back again, leaving a trail of glitter in its wake, and leaving the Ronsons literally TRANSFORMED. In fact, every sparkle soldier on board has been trailing glitter wherever he or she goes - at the bakery, in the kiosk next door, in a lover's sheets (and ass), or on the toilet seat - little souvenirs of our trip to a far-away galaxy. And it was STELLAR. THANK YOU to the SUPERMEN LOVERS, who rocked the stage with their bootylicious disco sounds! THANK YOU MASSIMILIANO PAGLIARA and JUAN OF A KIND for DJ Sets of galactic proportions! THANK YOU MC MONSTER RONSON for navigating the ship with brilliance and MC mastery! THANK YOU to the captains at the fluid station for refueling the rocket boosters all night! THANK YOU dancing sensation JACKIE WORD and last but not least, THANK YOU to our dazzling hostess MARISA SPARKLES for spreading the Word of Glitter once again!! ***MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU SPARKLY PEOPLE***

UND ES GEHT WEITER! Komm die Woche vorbei um das Raumschiff Ronsons zu betrachten! Es gibt viele Neuigkeiten zu entdecken. Lass uns nicht nur einmal im Jahr ins All reisen... das Schiff steht ja jeden Abend zur Verfügung --- also lass uns durch stellare Karaoke Shows andere Welte schaffen! Bis bald und gute Reise!!

Donnerstag 15.11.12 DJ NEDALOT at MIXED NUTS ab 22 Uhr

If you've never experienced the magic that happens when NEDALOT (S&yM & Blackout Crew) joins forces with SVETLANA PALL MALL, this Thursday is your chance! Sveti's gonna kick off the evening with a KARAOKE WARM-UP at 22Uhr, followed by a Hip-Hop & Karaoke MASH-UP all night in the Lounge! Shake yr ass and sing it off at the same time! Get a free shot at the door to lubricate your vocal chords! Let's start the weekend early!!

Freitag 16.11.12 Sing Live on Stage with MONSTER JONSON ab 22 Uhr

Friday's a perfect chance to be one of the first to sing on the new and improved space-stage at Ronsons! It's looking FABULOUS - almost as fabulous as your KJ on Friday night! JONSON's gonna be your Captain at the KJ Pult (mission control) all night and he wants to see you SWEAT! So you better WERQ! WARP-SPEED, BITCHES!!

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (2,- Euro): "I need a rocket booster!" (Dies gilt nicht für Bachlorettes, Junggesellenabschiede etc.)***

Samstag 17.11.12 Sing Live on Stage with SCOTTY ab 22 Uhr

It's Saturday night -- the place to be is RONSONS, and you're man on the big stage is SCOTTY! If you're covered in sweat from singing and dancing, SCOTTY's not gonna dry you off... he's gonna make you sweat more until the early morning hours! Traut euch and get up on stage! Transport us to another time and place!

**Karaoke Killers sind heute leider ausgefallen!!**
***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (2,- Euro): "I need a rocket booster!" (Dies gilt nicht für Bachlorettes, Junggesellenabschiede etc.)***

Sonntag 18.11.12 LIQUID BRUNCH with PUNKY LONGSTOCKING ab 21 Uhr

Kill your hangover at the Church of Karaoke on Sunday! Your high priestess PUNKY is back again this Sunday to kill you softly while your favorite bartender mixes up some delicious Bloody Mary's, or whatever *hair of the dog* your prefer! Kill your hangover and sing together! FREE ENTRY!

Montag 19.11.12 MultiSEXual BOXhopping with SVETLANA PALL MALL ab 22 Uhr

Sveti's in the lounge - y'all better get down! That bitch is mean, wanna hear you SCREAM! Sing in our Monday Lounge and box-hop til you drop! 3 euros gets you 10 KARAOKE BOXES - where you can hop from one to the next, and sing, sweat, scream, smoke, get naked, cry, take shots, or just mingle with friends - or complete strangers! Booze is a great social lubricant, but SINGING TOGETHER is even better! And if you bring some real lubricant with you, that's even better, because Mondays are especially gay days, and it gets pretty hot and steamy in those boxes!