Karaoke through the Looking-Glass

"I put on some make-up
Turn on the 8-track
I'm pullin' the wig down from the shelf.
Suddenly I'm Miss Punk Rock Star of stage and screen
and I ain't ever - I'm never turning back!"


We love wigs.

A wig is like karaoke. Or karaoke is like a wig. It's not you, but you make it you. And in doing so, you end up revealing more of you than your natural locks could ever disclose. The character on stage is somehow more sincere than the actor in the theater of his everyday life. Every song tells a story, every accessory has it's history. The stage is the Looking-Glass. The memoirs are in the make-up.

And no one embodies this contradiction more than Hedwig: like the Berlin wall, standing before you in the divide between east and west, slavery and freedom, man and woman, top and bottom - and you can try to tear her down, but before you do, you must remember one thing:

"There ain't much  of a difference between a bridge and a wall. Without me right in the middle, babe, you would be nothing at all."

We're celebrating Hair Majesty's honor this Thursday at Monster Ronsons with ANGRY INCH - the annual Hedwig Tribute Party! There will be plenty of multisexual live acts and gender-blending DJ-Sets! Don't forget your wig! DERNT FERGERT YER WERG!!

Donnerstag 25.10.12 ANGRY INCH - The Annual HEDWIG TRIBUTE PARTY at MIXED NUTS ab 22 Uhr

Boys & Girls, and everything in the middle, on the sides and undefined, biggest movie fans and those who don't know it (yet), furious drag queens and delicate drag kings, crypto-homos, queers, multi-sexual and everybody are INVITED

On top of reliving our favorite scenes from our favorite movie, there will be performances by:


As well as DJ-Sets by:
Hawk Haven(Flesh United)/Greece
Marsmaedchen (female attack/Search and Destroy)
and Annasoul (queer-o-matik,ladiyfest berlin)

So pull your wig down from the shelf -- and come celebrate with us!!

Freitag 26.10.12 Sing Live on Stage with PUNKY LONGSTOCKING ab 22 Uhr

Speaking of wigs, Punky's got one too! She's also got stockings, a killer voice, and a great solution to the problem of "what to do on a Friday night": SING ON STAGE WITH HER ALL NIGHT! Let her take you through the Looking-Glass!

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (2,- Euro): "ERMAHGERD ERR FERGERT MAH WERG!" (Dies gilt nicht für Bachlorettes, Junggesellenabschiede etc.)***

Samstag 27.10.12 Sing Live on Stage with SCOTTY ab 22 Uhr

Singing on stage and shots at the bar / boxes and cocktails and Johnny Marr / a KJ who dances as good as he sings: these are a few of our favorite things! SCOTTY's your man on Saturday! Meet the monsters and enter wonderland!

**Karaoke Killers sind heute leider ausgefallen!**

***FR/SA: Passwort für ermäßigten Eintritt (2,- Euro): "ERMAHGERD ERR FERGERT MAH WERG!" (Dies gilt nicht für Bachlorettes, Junggesellenabschiede etc.)***

Sonntag 28.10.12 LIQUID BRUNCH + SWING SPECIAL mit dem KÄPT'N ab 19:30

Der Käpt'n is not only a great Karaoke Jockey, also comedian, chanson singer AND swing-dancer!
That's why he going to start your Sunday evening SWINGING, followed by his legendary Karaoke Magic!

Swing-dance Set from 19:30 - 21:30, followed by Open Stage Karaoke! Kill your hangover, go ask Alice for a remedy, I think she'll know just the cocktail to soothe your Sunday blues! FREE ENTRY!

Montag 29.10.12 MultiSEXual BOXhopping with PUNKY LONGSTOCKING ab 22 Uhr

Fell in love with Punky on Friday? You can serenade her on Monday, cos she's on the Karaoke decks on the dancefloor all night! So you can shake yr ass and sing it off at the same time! DERNT FERGERT YER WERG!

3 euros gets you 10 KARAOKE BOXES - where you can hop from one to the next, and sing, sweat, scream, get naked, take shots, or just mingle with friends - or complete strangers! Booze is a great social lubricant, but SINGING TOGETHER is even better! And if you bring some real lubricant with you, that's even better, because Mondays are especially gay days, and it gets pretty hot and steamy in those boxes!