Das Wochenende im Monster Ronson's

FREITAG 13.05.11: Missy Mag Release Party NORMAL LOVE live

Missy mag release party featuring NORMAL LOVE (live) dj's tba. www.myspace.com/normalloveberlin Those with their ears close to the sounds of queer berlin underground (should) have undoubtedly heard more than their fair share of rumors about "Normal Love"! Named after a movie by Jack Smith, female vocalist pauline p love, ink r nation on the drums (ex rhythm king & her friends) and ben kaan on lead guitar, catch the energy of live performance, combining subtle melodies and classic disco beats in their songs with a slight '80s' delight *fremdveranstaltung-Monster Ronsons freikarten gilten nicht heute.

SAMSTAG 14.05.11 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2011!!! See eurovision live on our big screen! We will also feature a selection of ACTUAL ENTRIES from 2011 to sing after the show! karaoke all night with DING DONG and MONSTER RONSON. We will once again be bringing out all the bells and whistles for the stage and the special effects! 5 euros.