Dickey Doo, Schaps D'amour!

Meet Dickey Doo, a regular dj at Ronson's. His hard disk is SO BIG that almost no request goes unaddressed! I'll be working at the door tonight.... I gave our regular door guy the night off to go put some flyers for Bäraoke at cocktail d'amour, but unfortunatly cocktail d'amour was canceled tonight. Rumor has it that the space was shut down by the police last night. Its a real shame! It was my after-work plans! I offered the cocktail d'amour kids to do there party at the Ronson's on short notice, but didn't get a reply. It wouln't be a cocktail d'amour because Ronson's is much smaller, but it could have been a schnaps d'amour!  Too bad though, I love it when parties come to me :-). Dickey also has a lot of disco and italo music, so if you need your fixin', come around and tell Dickey what your jonesin' for! As a consolation and alternative, come to the Ronson's and say SCHNAPS D'AMOUR for free entrance for you and all your friends! This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende.
Tomorrow is liquid dinch. It used to be liquid brunch, but since people keep arriving later and later its more of a cross between dinner and lunch than breakfast and lunch. Come to the real church of karaoke with MONK. Sin is the root word of sing! free entry all night long.