thoughts on FUKUSHIMA - sing today - you may be atomic waste tomorrow anyway!

Fukushima & the whole tragedy in Japan has really gotten to me.... As well as the crazy politics in Germany about the whole situation..... and you are going to have to read through all of my thoughts if you want the FREE PASSWORD to get into the Ronson's tonight.
First off - Ronson's is changing electricity companies. The wheels are in motion, the papers signed. Yes, it is more expensive, and yes it is worth it. I hope all of you come and buy lots of beer from me so I don't have to raise prices (our last price increase on beer was November 2007 and our last price increase on karaokeboxes was December 2005!). I am proud that despite the increases in sales tax, energy prices, alcohol, GEMA we have been able to maintain our fair prices (check out the other karaoke bars in berlin!). WE HAVE YOU TO THANK FOR THIS! Thanks for coming to the Ronson's over the years. To keep our low prices, Ronson's is setting on volume, so come drink a lot! By the way, the say antioxidants (found in red wine) help the body be less susceptible to radiation, so DRINK UP!

Second- So, all of the sudden they can take 7 of the 17 nuclear power plants offline? Just like that? If it is that easy, why didn't they do that ages ago? The answer is easy. Cold hard cash. Germany makes more electricity than it uses and sells it off. Seems like a real campaign gimmick for Angela if you ask me. Seems nobody is buying her story, so good job for reading between the lines fellow earthlings!

Third - Your government IS NOT going to do this for you to protect your health and the health of your children and fellow earthlings. Luckily in this country (this is really great) you can CHOOSE if you want to use nuclear energy. Switching is REALLY EASY and there are many companies to choose from. Put this dirty practice of atomwaste&catastrophe out of business!! Here is a link to get you all started:

Fourth- and this one is really important - EVERYONE needs to do this! It doesn't do much if only Germany gets out of this dirty business. We are surrounded by it - France gets around 80% of its energy from splitting atoms. If it were to be a Franceushima scenario, or a Finnushima situation, we are all still f*cked. Encourage all your friends to take an active part in this! NO MORE OF THIS CRAP ANYWHERE! We are not 1 country, we are one world. Japan and the Japanese are our neighbors! AND DUH.... ARE CREDITED FOR THE INVENTION OF KARAOKE THE GREATEST INVENTION EVER (except for maybe indoor plumbing- a heated shitter is f*cking luxurious and I never wanna give it up).

Okay, thats it for my soapbox story. This weekend in Ronsons: ITS A ROCKBAND WEEKEND! with 1000 songs to play, jam & sing. More on that below.
FRIDAY, 18.3 AB 22 UHR
sing karaoke live on stage with CRACKBABY JONES
play ROCKBAND III in the smoking lounge. These kids like to hog the console, so just pipe up if you wanna sing! newcomers are welcome and wished!!!
sing karaoke live on stage with MONK!
Play ROCKBAND III (see text below)
Find your Personal Jesus at this weekend's Rock Band 3 party. If Depeche Mode isn't a reason to step up to the Keyboard, which band is? Well, we got almost 1000 Rock Band songs from 400 other artists, so prove us wrong if you can. New entries: Pat Benatar claims invincibility, The Police is gonna watch every breath you take for vocal harmonies, and the we fear the blue invasion of 1998s radio plague Eiffel 65! Seriously! Ask your Rock Band host karaokefreak for cure. He will show you how to rock the crap out of System of a down or AC/DC on drums, guitar and microphone, even  if it is your first time on  stage.
Take a look at the song book at

SUNDAY 20.3 ab 21 Uhr
DINCH (thats like brunch but between lunch and dinner)
praise the gods of karaoke and sing all night long. free entrance.
special guests from out of town! I love it when Ronson's has special guests. I open my home to these people and give them hot food and drinks in trade for amazing entertainment. They are planning a BIG SHOW so I wouldn't miss it. The weekend just got bigger and there is nothing more depressing than staying home on a monday night.
now the moment you are all waiting for - the password for free entry for you and all your friends all night for friday and saturday 18.3 & 19.3. "SING TOGETHER & CHANGE YOUR POWER". This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende. Leute im hockey uniform kommen sowieso nicht rein. Its a nightclub, not a sportsbar.
I hope you made it through this long blog. thanks for listening.
yours truly