Zürich, ROCKBANDWEEKEND, sing dich satt, Bäraoke

I'm packing up getting ready to board an airplane for my monthly gig in SCHAUSPIELHAUS ZÜRICH. I remember back in the days when I began doing karaoke, I needed 2 karaoke machines, countless songbooks, about 500 cd's, a mixboard, televisions, pretty much a stationwagon full of equipment. Today I have a laptop and a bill ;-). Boy has technology changed in the last 10 years, its amazing! Tonights theme in SCHAUSPIELHAUS is SUPERHEROES, so come dressed as your best superhero if you can!
I had to upload this on my blog because 1- its hysterical and you can sing it all day and have lots of fun and 2- BÄRAOKE is sure to be a party hit!
Its still exactly 2 months away, but the planning and entertainment we are doing is taking a long time. First of all, we will have FREE BEERS FROM 19 TILL MIDNIGHT on the 17th of April (yes, it does cost to get in though). On stage we will have a big ol gay showtunes and disco karaoke marathon with such fun games as FANPOST. In the smoking lounge you will be able to SING CABARET with a REAL PIANO PLAYER. After we will be dancing to the tunes of DICKEY DOO.
But the real reason you are reading this... what goes on this weekend? We have a big and long ROCKBAND III AND SINGING WEEEKEND! thats right, karaoke on stage all weekend, and also ROCKBAND III all weekend in the smoking lounge. The password for free entry all weeeknd for you and all your friends is (in honor of our friends in Zürich), "I am a superhero, I run on diesel". This password DOES NOT apply to bachelor/ette parties or stag parties. Dieses passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabende.
Sunday sing live on stage with MONK, monday boxhop all night with the tunes of SECRETROBOTLOVER and the lovely SVETLANA in the smoking lounge.
yours truly,