SVETLANA inne fagbar, SHREDDER 2NITE!!!! tratsch & klatsch auch dabei!!

Meet Svetlana. I found so many GEORGOUS fotos of her on the internet, i just couldn't decide which one to use! Svetlana will be our guest KJ hostess in the cracksmoke lounge THIS MONDAY! Unfortunatly, our live act PUNK BUNNY were turned around and sent back to North America and had to cancel at the Ronson's.We are soooo sad! don't worry though, in their honor (und natürlich auch als entschädigung) anyone who says "I LOVE PUNK BUNNY" before midnight gets in FREE on monday. As always, does not apply to bachelor/ette parties. We already have a new date for Punk Bunny on the 30.5.11. DJ YAM will be spinning wicked disco tunes in the bar area for your dancing pleasure.
Tonight we have one of our favorite resident dj's that WILL MAKE YOUR FEET MOVE all night long THE SHREDDER.  Oh those poor guests last time shredder was in the house. They were ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED! They couldnt sit down! We had to bring them drinks on the dancefloor because they couldnt get away long enough to even order a beer! Oh man, it was a sight to see. Because of this, tonights password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "DANCING WITH TEARS IN MY EYES!" Password does not apply to bachelor/ette parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw Polterabend gruppen.
Come to church every Sunday. SIN is the root word of SINg, so if we dont sin, how are we going to repent? Repentance is a covenance! Drink specials all night long, kids under 12 drink for free! Just kidding, entrance is from 21 years and up. Please.
This next video is a sneak peak at my new party concept BÄRAOKE.
See you at the Ronson's. Come early, stay late.