The high point of this weekend will certainly be the KINDER KARAOKE on Saturday, 26.2 from 16.30 till 19. From 16.30 on you can bring your kids (potty trained - 14 years) to come sing karaoke. All the boxes will be open, and beginning at 17.30 there will be a karaoke show on stage with our youngest kjane ever kj Tarantula! only 12 years old! Fricky will be offering a video workshop for the kids who want to learn how to film singing people.
Tonight, friday, is a disco night with DICKEY DOO. Say "mickey moo" at the door for free entrance (does not apply to bachelor/ettes).
Tomorrow is Erik's birthday! everyone is welcome to come however! He has got an EXCELLENT line up of dj's including MR. TIES & DALE PURROUGH.
It will be a night of suprises, in every sense of the word.
Its a short and sweet blog today...... will write more later!