One of the things I am most proud of is that Monster Ronsons is open EVERYDAY. In the last 6 years and one month, we have been closed for exactly 9 days..... During those 9 days we disassembled, overhauled, transported, and reassembled 14 tons of steel and glass (our karaoke boxes are "mobile"!) That was our move from the Lübbenerstr. to the new Ichiban.

Today is no different we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and if you still have the guts to come out and party tonight, say I AM HARDCORE at the door and get in for free!!!!! Does not apply to bachelor/ette groups.
Above is a picture of NICKY CLICK who I would like to thank for her TOTALLY AWESOME performance on stage last night! I am a HUGE fan. Check her out at New years in Ronsons was one of the nicer ones! Thanks all for coming down and thanks SHREDDER for keeping our asses moving ALL NIGHT LONG! I finally "debuted" the new PEACHES song in our song catalog. So much fun everyone needs to f$ck the pain away!
Come join me and MONK on stage tonight!
Sunday - church - REBELLLOUNGE.
Monday - METZGEREI & boxhopping. Smoke crack with MONK.
Tuesday 2 for 1 drinxxx til midnight.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011 is going to be much better than 2010.

****sing together fight the power****