MILKSHAKE saturday, DICKEY DOO friday, DANCING FEET all weekend!

January is typically a very slow month in Ronson's, as this week as proven. Oh the poor barkeepers that have to sit all night long and wait for the few guests that come. I would make a lot more money if I just closed from Tuesday till Friday in these slow winter months (and the summer months as well), but I just couldn't imagine letting all those karaoke addicts down, especially in the dark and depressing winter months where we really need some sing therapy. So, just to reiterate, THE MONSTER RONSONS IS OPEN EVERY DAY from 19 till at least 3.30. You have the possibility to reap the therapeutic rewards anytime you need to, and guess what, its sorta on my dime. Kablam! as sparkles would say :-).

Friday is a disco day in Ronsons featuring DICKEY DOO. Hes new in town and already a resident in the Ronson's. He's a little man with a BIG harddrive full of music, and I'll bet if you ask nicely, he'd take requests!
He plays everything from Rock to electro, pop to big band. The password for free entry this friday, 28.1.11 is "LITTLE MAN BIG DISK". This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag nights. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabende. get ready to rock.

Saturday is a special night in Ronson's, the quarterly MILKSHAKE party! Guests for the night:
INGE (odd fantastic, milkshake)
HEDDA (odd fantastic, milkshake)
MIRIAM SCHULTE (green empire, berlin)
Its a ladies party, also for gay/lesbian/trans and everything in between as well as friends.
No password, no guest list.
Hottest electro in Berlin on this night!!!!

On sunday Der Käpt'n is guest bei Ronsons liquid brunch! tons of german songs!
Monday Ms Sunday Luv dj set - Crackbaby jones inne cracksmoke lounge.


ROCKSTAR weekend-sing dich satt

The last week was not an easy one at Ronson's, though we did have a ton of fun with our guests SLUTOCASTERS from Poland. What a show! These kids are going somewhere.

But then again, who doesn't like a two totally cute twinks rolling around naked on the floor to thundering electro music? The cracksmoke lounge was debauchery, as always. The difficult part was the big flood in the men's toilet which caused us to all have to use the girls toilet. The only good thing about that was that I finally got to see all the grafitti in the girls toilet. I never knew I had so many girl fans! Thanks for all the hearts ladies.
I've been sick with the flu all week, and though I am not totally better, I am still up at the door tonight. Everyone seems to be sick. Tonight on the karaoke stage you can sing yourself silly with MONK. Tomorrow you can sing all night on stage with CRACKBABY JONES. In addition to that, we have ROCKBAND III in the smoking lounge. ROCKBAND III has so many new great songs and in addition to that, a KEYBOARD! yup, all those electro 80's hits you always wanted to learn and sing are on ROCKBAND III. Here is a little video for you to understand that true rockband feeling:
And of course, the part of the blog that everyone is waiting for, the free password for you and all your friends to get in for free: but wait..... there are some restrictions: THIS PASSWORD DOES NOT APPLY TO BACHELOR/ETTE OR STAG PARTIES. nochmal auf deutsch, um alle unangenehme misverständnisse zu vermeiden: diese passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in abschiedsparties bzw polter abende. "I'm here to hang out backstage" is what to say at the door for free entry.
So, see you tonight on stage or in the cracksmoke lounge!


Wow... that was the longest I ever went without writing a blog since I started, so its an extra long update today. First of all, thanks to EAT LIPSTICK for one of the most rocky drinky slutty show in a long time! If you are not falling over tipsy drunk by the end of your show in Ronson's, I am doing something wrong, but ANITA DWANK stood up (or should i say fell down) to everyones expectations. Thanks eat lipstick! This is still completely UNconfirmed, but I'll throw it out there as a teaser. I asked BONAPARTE if they would play in the Ronson's for Fete de la Musique this year. They are interested.... BUT only if you, my karaoke lovers, come and sing there songs! Thats right, BONAPARTE will become OHNEPARTE for the night so you can be the modern rock star you always wanted to be! I will keep you updated.
I wanted to put a picture of THE SHREDDER up to promote his dj gig here on Saturday, but when I put in THE SHREDDER in google images, this is what I got..... but its somehow fitting because your dancing feet are not going to stop once the shredder gets a hold of them! Its a dancing weekend in Ronsons (we have new bass bins... keep your arschshakin!) and Friday night we are happy to welcome MARIYA from MARY AND THE BABY CHEESES bringing her favorite tunes to share with you. I love Mariya, she is so prolific and everywhere! You may have seen her busking on or in front of the Ubahn, or playing with her band and many places all over Berlin and Europe! She is easy to spot and easy to remember. Check her out:

And now, the sentences you've all been waiting for. The password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "get me on that hamster wheel". It applies to both saturday AND friday, however the password does NOT apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. ich wiederhole: PASSWORT GILT NICHT FÜR JUNGESELL/IN BZW POLTER ABENDE (geh doch in kims karaoke - Mehringdamm 62).
A bit of sad and upsetting news. I recently read that the KNAACK CLUB has closed its doors forever, Including their karaoke lounge. Though I was officially given "hausverbot" in this club (as well as many other karaoke clubs in Berlin) I am sad to see them go! Its always good to have competition. It was also a great place to send people who wanted to sing on stage or when we had an overflow of bachelorettes. I know that the organizer of this place spent YEARS of his life working to bring you happy and fun karaoke moments and we hope he finds a new home soon! Thanks for all your hard work, and we hope to see you on the karaoke circuit again real soon.


One of the things I am most proud of is that Monster Ronsons is open EVERYDAY. In the last 6 years and one month, we have been closed for exactly 9 days..... During those 9 days we disassembled, overhauled, transported, and reassembled 14 tons of steel and glass (our karaoke boxes are "mobile"!) That was our move from the Lübbenerstr. to the new Ichiban.

Today is no different we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and if you still have the guts to come out and party tonight, say I AM HARDCORE at the door and get in for free!!!!! Does not apply to bachelor/ette groups.
Above is a picture of NICKY CLICK who I would like to thank for her TOTALLY AWESOME performance on stage last night! I am a HUGE fan. Check her out at New years in Ronsons was one of the nicer ones! Thanks all for coming down and thanks SHREDDER for keeping our asses moving ALL NIGHT LONG! I finally "debuted" the new PEACHES song in our song catalog. So much fun everyone needs to f$ck the pain away!
Come join me and MONK on stage tonight!
Sunday - church - REBELLLOUNGE.
Monday - METZGEREI & boxhopping. Smoke crack with MONK.
Tuesday 2 for 1 drinxxx til midnight.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011 is going to be much better than 2010.

****sing together fight the power****