NUDE rockNroll, mad about MARILYN, Crackbaby JOneZ!

These hot guys make up the group THE SWIMMING POOLS- who we are lucky enough to have in the Ronson's on their way through Europe. This monday in the FAGBAR. They were extra careful after I booked them and asked if it was okay if they got naked during the show. I think every FAGBAR regular could answer that question in about a half of a heartbeat! We not only approve of nudity, we applaude and commend it! It reminds me of a guest we had last weekend, a woman who came to the bar and let the bartender know that some people were actually have SEX in the bathroom. Our barkeeper responded correctly with, "Oh, do you feel bothered?" Here is the truth ladies and gentlemen- As your host here in the Ronson's, I love it when people feel comfortable enough to get down and dirty here! Its a nightclub, thats what people do here! So, come see the naked rockNroll show on monday at midnight!
MARILYN MONGOL! We are MAD ABOUT MARILYN! This woman has got some staying power. She is your kj all weekend long! She has a passion for singing and karaoke that just won't quit. It's going to be a full house all weekend so I garantee meltdown friday & saturday! The show starts at 22 Uhr. The password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "I am mad about Marilyn!". This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende. Password also does not apply to anyone wearing santa hat, christmas garb, green or red plastic poop, and by no means, reindeer horns! Go celebrate Christmas at church, leave the nightlife for sex and sin!
CRACKBABY JONES will be doing his last karaoke show on Sunday before they haul him off to rehab. We will miss you crackbaby jones, but those crackheads always come back. They always do. Its so sad/happy. I am also going to need a dose of karaoke on sunday I think.
Yours Truly,