big singing weekend - you need satan more than he needs you.

The holiday season is here! But you wouldn't notice in Ronson's! As always we provide you with a stress free holiday void of all hints of Christmas. So, if you have no family, or you need to let off some steam after the family stress, come on down to the Ronsons on Christmas Eve. Karaoke with Ronson from 22 till late. White Russian specials all night long. Since I wont be putting any christmas pictures on the internet, here is a little ronsons commercial that I love! Entrance free.
On the 25th we are also open! from 7pm. From 22 on karaoke with Ronson, again. Because nobody else wants to work on christmas. In fact, since one of our cleaning people is sick, I will personally be cleaning the Ronsons during the day, and at night I come back, all for your enjoyment. All so you can rest assured that you can come to Ronson's every day of the year and reap the therapeutic rewards of singing.
On Sunday for Bruch Der Käpt'n is our special guest kj. Entritt frei.
Monday we have BEANER as a special guest dj and a live show at midnight from ANTONI MAIOVI. Sing with Ronson on the main stage until midnight. Sing inna cracksmoke lounge mit MONK.

Sylvester is coming, and sylvester in Ronson's is always a very intimate affair. This year we have not only karaoke on stage, but also a small live show from NICKY CLICK. THE SHREDDER will also be providing some dance music in the wee hours for your dancing pleasure. Ronson's is a very affordable choice for new years - in fact, if you are wanting to stop by just for a drink and sing a song on stage, you can do so ABSOLUTELY FREE by sending me an email with the names of you and all your friends to be on the guest list. Come by and start the new year with song!

yours truly