WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL 2nite -- NYE bash tommorrow!

Here in the Ronson's we are HARDCORE about party! Take a look at our program for the next few days:
Tonight! live: Rubber Hair
dj support: Peaknick & Emil Doesn't Drive
ab 22 Uhr - 5 euro.

TOMMORROW - the big NYE bash with MONSTER RONSON, THE SHREDDER and a late night surprise show from the one woman elektropop phenomenon NICKY CLICK! Santa was supposed to bring us new songbooks, but he must have got us mixed up with some other karaoke bar because we didn't. He did bring us some new sofas though, which we have put in the smoking room for a dirty little cinema! The places on the free guest list are full, but if you still want to come to an intimate sylvester party ON A SMALL BUDGET send me an email for the 3 euro list. No waiting in line at some club full of tourists for hours! No 20 euro entrance! Come to your karaoke family.  Free sekt at midnight. Start 2011 right with song and dance! From 22 on... and on... and on....
Saturday, 1.1.11 - Sing live on stage with MONK and RONSON! We are open everyday. Come and sing on this saturday night. As we like to say in Ronson's, "the hair of the dog that bit you". So, come down with your hangover for FREE ASPIRIN and some drinks. Garanteed to get rid of your hangover! The password for free entry on 1.1.11 is I AM HARDCORE. Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag nights. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabende. Wir wissen wer du bist!

Sunday, 2.1.11 is the first church session of the year hosted by the one and only REBI! This will be Rebi's last kj gig for a while as she is going to Argentina to eat real Argentinian beef for a few months. Come on by and give her a good farewell! entrance free.

Monday, 3.1.11. FAGBAR! boxhopping! karaoke inna cracksmoke lounge with MONK! dj set METZGEREI.

More to come,

yours truly

big singing weekend - you need satan more than he needs you.

The holiday season is here! But you wouldn't notice in Ronson's! As always we provide you with a stress free holiday void of all hints of Christmas. So, if you have no family, or you need to let off some steam after the family stress, come on down to the Ronsons on Christmas Eve. Karaoke with Ronson from 22 till late. White Russian specials all night long. Since I wont be putting any christmas pictures on the internet, here is a little ronsons commercial that I love! Entrance free.
On the 25th we are also open! from 7pm. From 22 on karaoke with Ronson, again. Because nobody else wants to work on christmas. In fact, since one of our cleaning people is sick, I will personally be cleaning the Ronsons during the day, and at night I come back, all for your enjoyment. All so you can rest assured that you can come to Ronson's every day of the year and reap the therapeutic rewards of singing.
On Sunday for Bruch Der Käpt'n is our special guest kj. Entritt frei.
Monday we have BEANER as a special guest dj and a live show at midnight from ANTONI MAIOVI. Sing with Ronson on the main stage until midnight. Sing inna cracksmoke lounge mit MONK.

Sylvester is coming, and sylvester in Ronson's is always a very intimate affair. This year we have not only karaoke on stage, but also a small live show from NICKY CLICK. THE SHREDDER will also be providing some dance music in the wee hours for your dancing pleasure. Ronson's is a very affordable choice for new years - in fact, if you are wanting to stop by just for a drink and sing a song on stage, you can do so ABSOLUTELY FREE by sending me an email with the names of you and all your friends to be on the guest list. Come by and start the new year with song!

yours truly

Rebellllounge!!!! ROCKBAND III & Monk - singing weekend!

Its a rockband weekend in Ronsons- rockband III that is! both friday & saturday. With Rockband III you can have up to 7 players at the same time! 3 mics, a full drum kit, a bass guitar, a e-guitar AND a keyboard! There is nothing that comes closer to that rockstar feeling like playing Rockband III. Here is a little video that we made that makes us feel like rockstars:

On the main stage we have one of our newest additions to our kj's... MONK! He not only sings well, he is up for getting you ready and rowdy for some singing therapy. For all of you who pay close attention to my blog, I will now give you the free entry password. This password doesn not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties, or anyone wearing christmas things. Please celebrate christmas at church or at home, and leave the nightlife for the SINNERS! yes! Password gild nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende sowie menschen die weihnachten deko tragen. password for friday is, "music, magic, MONK!"
On Saturday we welcome back after a very long pause THE REBELLLOUNGE! Rebi is back to repair cables. As you know, the average life span of a cable in Ronson's is about 2 hours, so we are glad to have her back on cable duty! The same restrictions apply for Saturdays password as Fridays password (no bachelor/ettes, no Xmas deko). The password is, "I'm here to repair cables for Rebi."
Church on Sunday will be hosted by Monk. Free entry!
Monday fagbar we have special guest dj from New York City CONNIE CASSEROLE. live show and music video premier from CAROLEEN. Neda will be in the cracksmoke lounge for your singing pleasure.

yours truly,

NUDE rockNroll, mad about MARILYN, Crackbaby JOneZ!

These hot guys make up the group THE SWIMMING POOLS- who we are lucky enough to have in the Ronson's on their way through Europe. This monday in the FAGBAR. They were extra careful after I booked them and asked if it was okay if they got naked during the show. I think every FAGBAR regular could answer that question in about a half of a heartbeat! We not only approve of nudity, we applaude and commend it! It reminds me of a guest we had last weekend, a woman who came to the bar and let the bartender know that some people were actually have SEX in the bathroom. Our barkeeper responded correctly with, "Oh, do you feel bothered?" Here is the truth ladies and gentlemen- As your host here in the Ronson's, I love it when people feel comfortable enough to get down and dirty here! Its a nightclub, thats what people do here! So, come see the naked rockNroll show on monday at midnight!
MARILYN MONGOL! We are MAD ABOUT MARILYN! This woman has got some staying power. She is your kj all weekend long! She has a passion for singing and karaoke that just won't quit. It's going to be a full house all weekend so I garantee meltdown friday & saturday! The show starts at 22 Uhr. The password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "I am mad about Marilyn!". This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende. Password also does not apply to anyone wearing santa hat, christmas garb, green or red plastic poop, and by no means, reindeer horns! Go celebrate Christmas at church, leave the nightlife for sex and sin!
CRACKBABY JONES will be doing his last karaoke show on Sunday before they haul him off to rehab. We will miss you crackbaby jones, but those crackheads always come back. They always do. Its so sad/happy. I am also going to need a dose of karaoke on sunday I think.
Yours Truly,