CRACKBABY with KUUSIMÄKI & dont ask dont tell

These pictures are the flyer for the next CRACKBABY party on Saturday. live and ready to rock KUUSIMÄKI!!! the guy on the flyer is ALEXANDER your discodarling. A night of debauchery and fun.
Friday is a discoparty. Don't ask, Don't tell is the name. Featuring dj's from wilde REnate (you know this is going to be a late one!!!) 22 Rockets (4Augenvögel/wilde renate) & The Swift. hosted by Paramida, Katovl Menovsky & Melony.
Sunday is Liquid brunch with Marilyn. Come sing, praise brunch, and repent through song. Free entry.
Monday we got a new band MERLIONS with Crackbaby jones in the smoking lounge. dj support YAM.
This was just a short update, I got so much to tell you all, but Im in a bit of a rush to get to Zurich for KARAOKE FROM HELL tonight! Thursday me and DIESELKARAOKE do a james bond karaoke party in SCHAUSPIELHAUS ZURICH. If you are in Zurich, come by!