BERLINO DEVIANCE!!! +++free beer+++ dickey doo & more!

Friday, the 3rd of december, BERLINO DEVIANCE issue #2. live aus Shanghai THE HORSES! dj support PAULO CHINATOWN (resident) guests ROI POINGI & BENJI. The italo disco in Ronson's lives on! with the support of all our italo loving friends all over europe! Come on friday and pay only 5 euros entrance, or for free entry, join our facebook group BERLINO DEVIANCE for an automatic place on the guest list this friday.

Wednesday, 1.12, is Ronson's 6th birthday! Come enjoy free beer and singing all night as a way of thanking all of my friends, talent & guests over the last years. from 9pm. Get dressed up. Anyway you want, just make the night feel special.

Saturday we have a special guest dj DICKEY DOO. the password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "dickey whooooo???". Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende.

Tonight, Monday, we have MERLIONS at midight. dj support YAM. sing with ronson from 22 till midnight. Visit crackbaby jones in the CRACKSMOKE LOUNGE after the show.

next sunday we try out a new kj FRANCISCO.


CRACKBABY with KUUSIMÄKI & dont ask dont tell

These pictures are the flyer for the next CRACKBABY party on Saturday. live and ready to rock KUUSIMÄKI!!! the guy on the flyer is ALEXANDER your discodarling. A night of debauchery and fun.
Friday is a discoparty. Don't ask, Don't tell is the name. Featuring dj's from wilde REnate (you know this is going to be a late one!!!) 22 Rockets (4Augenvögel/wilde renate) & The Swift. hosted by Paramida, Katovl Menovsky & Melony.
Sunday is Liquid brunch with Marilyn. Come sing, praise brunch, and repent through song. Free entry.
Monday we got a new band MERLIONS with Crackbaby jones in the smoking lounge. dj support YAM.
This was just a short update, I got so much to tell you all, but Im in a bit of a rush to get to Zurich for KARAOKE FROM HELL tonight! Thursday me and DIESELKARAOKE do a james bond karaoke party in SCHAUSPIELHAUS ZURICH. If you are in Zurich, come by!


BARK! missy mag release, BLUE IN THE FACE! church.

The singing karaoke party! If this friday is anything like last saturday, there will be some serious karaoke meltdown. I was at the door all last saturday night, and I only heard great things about the karaoke that was going on on stage. Things like "awesome" and "thank you soooo much for the fun". I hope BARK! can pull this off too! The password for free entry for you and all your friends is -bark like a dog 3 times- yes you have to actually bark like a dog 3 times. woof. woof. woof. Big dog or little dog, doesn't matter, just has to be convincing. Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabende.

Saturday, 20.11, is ladeez night. the MISSY MAGAZINE release party with special guests:
Christiane Rösinger (Lesung mit Liedern)
Performance Valerie Renay (Noblesse Oblige) :
'My Blood Is Thicker Than Yours'
monika enterprise video showcase - a monika vision screening
DJ – Guests :
Valerie Renay (Noblisse Oblige) ; Bianca Kruk & James T. Kink
Sheila Chipperfield & Van Rabbit

Sunday is holy. Praise brunch, liquid brunch. With your new kj JULIEN. Here is a bit about church:

Monday is the FAGBAR as always. At midnight special guests BLUE IN THE FACE. sing with Ronson beforehand to warm up the stage. dj support: PAULO CHINATOWN (H30H cancelled). Sing with CRACKBABY JONES in the smoking lounge late at night. doors: 22 Uhr.

Tuesdays are always 2 for 1 drinks till midnight. Order and pay for one, get 2! Its also pop choir from 19.30 till 21. Here is a bit about 2 for 1.

thats it for now!

euer Ronson

PLEASURE ISLAND!!! promis überalles+++RUMMELSNUFF&rumpelstil

Pleasure Island. Was it the best party of your life or was it a dream? Come by and find out! These kids have been working on this event for weeks and I can promise you they will stop at nothing to send you to pleasure Island. There will be games, a snack bar, some live performances, a virtual rockband where YOU are the star in the smoking room. We have rockband III! That means 7 people can play this new game at the same time. There is a guitar, a bass, a FULL DRUM SET, and (new) a keyboard, and up to three people can sing and harmonize.... Not to mention the virtual smoke machine and strobe effect. It all starts friday at 10pm. Leave your youngens at home because pleasure island is only for adults!

For those of you who don't know who this lady is, it is PEACHES, our very own worldwide electro icon superstar based in Berlin. She partied like it was 2069 for her birthday last wednesday in the Ronson's. It felt more like my birthday though because she has decided to join the ranks of RANDY TWIGG and EINSTURTZENDEN NEUBAUTEN and enrich our karaoke repatoire with her original playbacks! I love that finally so many talented artists are realizing the power and beauty of singing karaoke. So after I sit and practice with my bouncy ball button, you two can BE PEACHES in a karaoke box or on stage at Ronson's. This is a moment we have waited too long for and I cannot wait!

Other famous people sightings recently in Ronson's: R.E.M.'s MICHAEL STIPE has already been a guest at Ronson's twice this week! He was taking pictures left and right all over the club! Rumour has it the Ronson's looks better than a club a set designer could create. Is Mr. Stipe spying out a new location to shoot in? We should be so lucky! Over the summer THE PET SHOP BOYS made a brief stop in the Ronson's. They got there early and only took a quick drink at the bar.  Would have loved to see them get on stage or in a box and sing a song.... Maybe next time. We'll be watching out for you Chris and Neil! We love you!

Sido also has a song in our boxes. His stay at Ronson's was much more interesting. He was very smitten for one of our bartenders and gave her a 100 euro tip! Poor Sido didn't realize though (of course you never can from just the outside) that this particular female bartender only likes other women in that way. Ha! SIDO hitting on a dyke! I love the Ronson's. I swear its still the most upside down and inside out karaoke bar in the world.

Of course we have had other promis and b-promis in Ronson's, but I never recognize them because they are from TV and I dont have one of those. Other people tell me about it but I can never remember. Speaking of b-promis: We have a great line up for Monday night!
dj support: RUMPELSTIL
karaoke warm up: MONSTER RONSON
cracksmoke lounge late late late: CRACKBABY JONES
all this fun for 3 lousy oi!s.
entrance 22 Uhr
showtime: around midnight, berlin time.

Sunday we try out a new kj: JULIEN! I guess he still needs to pick out a kj name. Be my friend on facebook and you can see a sneak peak of our new 2 for 1 advert in Ronson's. I'm so proud!

Saturday crackbaby jones will be kj'ing in the main room. Password for free entry on Saturday, nov. 13 is: "CBJ and I are GAY".  Rockband III in the smoking room to boot! Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. PASSWORT GILT NICHT für jungesellen/in bzw polterabende.

thanks for your attention. See you with a mic in your hand and a smile on your face!


long history of ITALO DISCO!

Here at the Ronson's we love Italo Disco, and we actually have quite a long history of playing this genre of music. The first parties we had were PEOPLE LIKE US. After that party Paulo Chinatown and came in and saved the day with his LOVE DANCERS UNION concept. Now People Like Us and Love Dancer's Union is teaming up with ITALO DEVIANCE to make the BEST ITALO PARTY IN BERLIN! Friday is the next party and will feature a very special guest all the way from Italy MARCELLO GIORDANI. Our other dj's will be EMIL DOESN'T DRIVE and resident PAULO CHINATOWN. If you love italo and want to be on the guest list for this first party, send me an email! Also, be sure check out next months edition where we have invited a special live act for the occasion THE HORSES! Next month's special guest dj will be BENJI!!!!

Saturday we have our resident THE SHREDDER. He will make you dance your ass off. I haven't seen a crowd yet that he can't get moving with his inexaustable knowledge of music.

Sunday is LIQUID BRUNCH with BARK! karaoke. Come to the real church of karaoke. Praise brunch. Liquid brunch! Free entry, as always. This is a house of worship!

Monday we have HOLZKOPF in the main room after a brief karaoke session with Ronson. Dickey Doo will be providing you with tunes after the show and as always you can sing till your hearts content in our cracksmoke lounge with CRACKBABY JONES. The entertainment never stops on monday.

Tuesday from 19.30 till 21.00 you can join the BERLIN POP CHOIR with LYNDSEY COCKWELL. The pop choir keeps getting more and more members! I can't wait for the performance on the 21st of december!

Stay tuned for more.