TAMA SUMO@MILKSHAKE (uvm), pop choir, 2 for 1

It only happens a few times a year, the MILKSHAKE party! This saturday come enjoy the quality music at Ronsons. Featuring djs Dana Ruh, Tama Sumo, & Hedda. Its always packed with sexy people all night long.
The new term for the BERLIN POP CHOIR begins today at 19.30. Anyone can join!
Thanks again to SUNDAY LUV & ELECTROSEXUAL for the excellent show last night.
I would like to write more, but I am getting my new karaoke machine ready to go to Zurick for a full on night of Tarrentino Karaoke at the SCHAUSPIELHAUS in Zurich! Cool, right? Its a monthly gig, so though I always said I wouldn't do it anymore, sometimes being a jet set KJ can be a lot of fun! If you are in Zurich thursday, email me for the list! DRESS CODE! Tarrentino films.