LEMERCIER & the la la byes 2NITE! forgetful faceman...

tonight  in the Ronsons.... LEMERCIER & THE LA LA BYES. Its not a typical band for Ronson's, but I promise quality! dj support after direct from Tel Aviv DyCe. Boxhopping in 3 boxes, karaoke with RONSON from 22 till midnight AND karaoke after the show in the cracksmoke lounge with CRACKBABY JONES.

The weekend was a lot of fun, especially saturday. Not even 1 bachelorette, and that on the day before 10.10.10! There were really nice karaoke lovers all night, but dont get me wrong, judging from the singing quality, they were not regulars! but, just as I always say, the not so good singers are just as important as the good singers at karaoke. I mean how fun is a karaoke party when everyone sings perfect? might as well stay home and watch some stupid reality show.

I had to cabinate for the evening, and I must say, I am so out of practice! I started off good, but when we had a bit of a waiting list later in the night, I would go find the next box guests and I couldn't remember any faces! Our superstar barkeeper Fenia came at midnight and saw my troubles and took over for me. What a talent she is.... she was able to find these people even though she had never seen them! Incredible. Kudos to you Fenia, and thanks for saving my ass! To my defense though, shaking cocktails is still a discipline I haven't forgotten at all! lotsa compliments on my delicious drinks. I guess itll be like this for a while, a lot of staff is on vacation or sick or working on porn movies for the porn film festival. After party at Ronson's on the 30th of October.

yours truly,