PORN! Mz. Mongol, Kürbisschneiden, Elektrobär!

first things first.... PORN! On Saturday are once again lucky to have the ALTERNATIVE PORN FILM FESTIVAL AFTERPARTY at Ronson's. There will be a bit of singing involved, but that is not the emphasis of the evening, so if you are not interested in PORN, probably best to come another day. Last years party was one that will go down in the history books with the AIR SEX contest, and I am sure with this years NAKED SMOKING LOUNGE and TOPLESS ARM WRESTLING will be no different. dj's BOBBY JULES &  HENRI STEEG Start time: 10pm. 5 euros per person.

Friday we welcome back to the karaoke stage MARILYN MONGOL, your favorite kjane of all times! The fun starts at 10pm with Marilyn, so get your singing lungs on and come on down! Password for you and all your friends this friday, 29.10, is "I'M MAD ABOUT MONGOL!" This password does not apply to Bachelor/ette or stag parties/groups. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende. This is Marilyn. She is a blondbombshell under that cottoncandy pink hair.....

On Sunday we welcome back DER KÄPT'N for some halloween karaoke fun. Keeping with tradition, I will be carving pumpkins with you all around 9pm, so if you wanna carve a pumpkin, be sure to get their early. You are encouraged to dress up! I wish I could find some pics from our last years pumpkins, they were all georgous!

On monday we welcome ELEKTROBÄR coming all the way from Cottbus for your electro fun! dj support CASIO ONO, and as always we will warm up the stage with karaoke beforehand. After the show I will probably get sucked in and stuck in the smoking lounge, once again, with my favorite new addition to mondays CRACKBABY JONES karaoke in the smoking lounge.

About the ALL NEW MONDAYS... I know that some people are upset because not all boxes are availaible for boxhopping anymore. I did this for a very good reason, and I hope you can all understand. There were a lot of people coming to this party to "overtake" or "squat" a box. They were not interested in boxhopping at all! They would have actually preferred to have a private box, but came on "cheap" night. They weren't interested in boxhopping or sharing or the party at all..... So, for these people, all private boxes are HALF PRICE ALL NIGHT LONG. Boxhopping started years ago, and back then we only had 3 boxes..... Now we have 3 boxes for boxhopping, karaoke on stage, karaoke with crackbaby jones in the smoking room (which is soooo much fun), and usually a dj for your entertainment..... So, I sincerely apologize to those of you who feel that boxhopping isn't fun anymore without the boxes in front.... For you guys I can only highly recommend the smoking lounge as well as the main stage on Mondays. If you do the math, you will see that with the new system, you actually get to sing MORE and there is MORE square footage of singing area and MORE entertainment than ever!

The pop choir is exploding with new members! I can't wait for the next performance.

Yours Truly,

TAMA SUMO@MILKSHAKE (uvm), pop choir, 2 for 1

It only happens a few times a year, the MILKSHAKE party! This saturday come enjoy the quality music at Ronsons. Featuring djs Dana Ruh, Tama Sumo, & Hedda. Its always packed with sexy people all night long.
The new term for the BERLIN POP CHOIR begins today at 19.30. Anyone can join!
Thanks again to SUNDAY LUV & ELECTROSEXUAL for the excellent show last night.
I would like to write more, but I am getting my new karaoke machine ready to go to Zurick for a full on night of Tarrentino Karaoke at the SCHAUSPIELHAUS in Zurich! Cool, right? Its a monthly gig, so though I always said I wouldn't do it anymore, sometimes being a jet set KJ can be a lot of fun! If you are in Zurich thursday, email me for the list! DRESS CODE! Tarrentino films.


CRACKBABY saturday, Shredder Friday....

Monday night,  as so often lately, got stuck in the CRACKSMOKE lounge with CRACKBABY JONES  until the wee hours of the morning. It is always so fun! It wasn't the same without you Näd, but I sang Mr. vain again and got the kick! hooray. I was looking for the kick all weekend, in the ronsons, at mauerpark, but never really got it. Last night I got it twice! Kablam!

Friday we have THE SHREDDER, one of the few dj's that gets people dancing EVERY SINGLE TIME! Password for free entry for you and all your friends to get in for free on Friday is, "put me through the shredder". Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in oder polter abende.

Saturday the big day is finally here. CRACKBABY with PLATZ BLANCHE (live) and the debut of PRIX (live). This party is recommended and will be attended by retarted gay prostitutes and the genders that love them. DRESS CODE: post-gender geometrics, ghetto fabulous, bra stains, little shop of whores, early '90s coke dealer, donkey gear, taste of future. Get ready to exercise..... every muscle.

yours truly,

LEMERCIER & the la la byes 2NITE! forgetful faceman...

tonight  in the Ronsons.... LEMERCIER & THE LA LA BYES. Its not a typical band for Ronson's, but I promise quality! dj support after direct from Tel Aviv DyCe. Boxhopping in 3 boxes, karaoke with RONSON from 22 till midnight AND karaoke after the show in the cracksmoke lounge with CRACKBABY JONES.

The weekend was a lot of fun, especially saturday. Not even 1 bachelorette, and that on the day before 10.10.10! There were really nice karaoke lovers all night, but dont get me wrong, judging from the singing quality, they were not regulars! but, just as I always say, the not so good singers are just as important as the good singers at karaoke. I mean how fun is a karaoke party when everyone sings perfect? might as well stay home and watch some stupid reality show.

I had to cabinate for the evening, and I must say, I am so out of practice! I started off good, but when we had a bit of a waiting list later in the night, I would go find the next box guests and I couldn't remember any faces! Our superstar barkeeper Fenia came at midnight and saw my troubles and took over for me. What a talent she is.... she was able to find these people even though she had never seen them! Incredible. Kudos to you Fenia, and thanks for saving my ass! To my defense though, shaking cocktails is still a discipline I haven't forgotten at all! lotsa compliments on my delicious drinks. I guess itll be like this for a while, a lot of staff is on vacation or sick or working on porn movies for the porn film festival. After party at Ronson's on the 30th of October.

yours truly,

SINGING WEEKEND where are the bachelorettes?

Here she is in all her glory. MARILYN MONGOL is high on karaoke! Its a big singing weekend in Ronson's! Friday featuring our most colorful KJ Marilyn Mongol. Go easy on her, and she'll go easy on you :-).

An update from the past few days.... first of all, the concert from NÄD MIKA was amazing! 3 encores! The guests just couldn't get enough! Last Tuesday was the presentation from the BERLIN POP CHOIR and it was so cute! They all practiced so much, and it showed. The only strange thing was the 80 (yes, 80 of them) 14 and 15 year olds that showed up with their teachers. My question.. WHO BRINGS A TEENAGER INTO A BAR???? Needless to say, I had to ask them to leave. Being from America, I just cannot imagine the trouble a teacher would get into by bringing their students into a bar. Naja... different world! Just for the record, Ronson's is for guests from 21 years and up. If you are really nice and love to sing and know how to behave in a bar, then you can come if you are between 18 and 21. Our experienced doorstaff will be the judge of that!

On Saturday we welcome back THE FONZ to the stage. Karaoke all night long! Its free to get in before 10pm on Friday or Saturday, and with this password it is also free for you and all your friends to get in. "I'm High on Karaoke!". This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag nights. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw Polter abende. bitte habe verständniss!

Though I expected the Ronson's to be overrun with bachelorettes the last weeks, they were just not here? whats going on? the big special wedding day (10.10.10) is right around the corner. Maybe the bachelorettes were scared away by all the Trannies and Sparkly people.

On Monday we have a special with LEMERCIER AND THE LA LA BYS. its sure to be a full house, so come early!