SPARKLE ARMY DOCUMENTATION! yes, it did happen, wasn't a dream!

JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY was a huge success. I still don't know if it was real, or was it a dream? Well, here is a photo of me in my sparkle rocketship to prove I was there. There are tons of photos! Right now you can see them on Marisa Sparkles facebook page. I will put them up on mine too. The laser portraits are awesome! If you have a laser portrait, be sure to upload your pic to the largest collection of laser portraits on the internet at Finally some sparkly people on their website!

Check out the cholophorm tv documentation. Amazing! While I was still hung over, this 5 minute documentary piece was edited and up on the internet. Thanks so much guys! It looks great!

Friday you can dance the hits with DING DONG. The password to get in for free on Friday is, "ding my dong".

Saturday is the TRANNY OLYMPICS here in Ronson's. Come in drag to get in for free! Check out such sports as WET T-SHIRT CONTEST, or the 100 METER DASH.... IN HEELS!, there is a lip sync contest as well as an eating contest. Ever put lipstick on in the dark? well, its a sport at the tranny olympics! The best part???? We paid special attention to have a lot of STAG parties in the private boxes on this night. You can probably only imagine what happens when you cross a whole bunch of horny trannies with a whole bunch of drunk bachellors. DEBAUCHERY! ha ha. those boys are gonna wake up with a headache and lipstick in places that can cause their boxers to look like bozo's faces!

yours truly