'schuldigung! blognation, weekendpassword & MORE!

The flyer above is for the party on Friday-ITALO DISCO!
I always thought my blog would be a place where I could let everyone know about the real nitty gritty of running a karaoke bar and all the funny and not so funny things that happen. I can tell you, its a lot of f*cking work! I am pretty good about writing something every couple days, but it usually just covers the events that go on here. Today I'll let you in on more though!

We had a newsletter that our ex-website guy made. Anyhow, when I went to sent out a newsletter to invite all you sparkly people to the event, he then let me know it was deleted, and no longer exhisted. Thanks for the heads up a-hole! Matze, our new computer guy has been setting up a new one. I hate doing this kind of stuff, nor am I qualified, so he does it. He must not do a pretty bad job, after all, he did do all the programming in all the karaoke boxes.

He made us a new mailing list and we tried it out yesterday. Apparently a lot (or even all) of you received it 4! times. I am sorry about that! We are working on it. It was brought to my attention through a reservation callback request. The mail looked exactly like this (watch out... its a bit x rated!)

"Reservierungsanfrage von
Fuck your newsletter (fuck@ronson.com)Telefon: 666
Datum: 24.09.2010
Startzeit: 12
Endzeit: 13
Go fuck your self with your fucking constant repeating  newsletter
Fuck you"

So, though I dont praise him for his takt, he did get this important information relayed to me. Would have loved to send him something nice for letting me know about the problem, maybe some free hours in a box, or some cocktail coupons, but as you can see, his email address doesn't work for obvious reasons. I do worry this person (geez... the whole time I assumed it was a man, but I guess I don't really know, do I?)  does have an anger management issue, so I think it is probably best if he stays away from the happy singing people in the karaoke bar.

My sincere apology though if you are reading this! I hope your "delete" finger has recovered in the mean time and you can continue with your normal life! It must have been hell for you.

The good thing is, there are other people blogging about Ronson's! I am adding 3 links to people that blogged about the tranny olympics. What a night! All three links are different people! Thanks for the nice stories! Couldn't have written a more detailed and accurate account of the night myself!

The password to get in for free all weekend is hidden in the blog I wrote last, but for all you lazy buggers, Illl write it again here, "I dedicate my life to disco". Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag groups. thanks for understanding.