(the real) Trannie Olympixxx

For the first time ever in Germany THE REAL TRANNIE OLYMPICS. Take your best shot in such disciplines as the 100 Meter dash...IN HEELS or the Wet t-shirt contest (see picture), take part in the eating contest (do they purge afterwords?), can you put on your make up in the dark? Are you an expert at lipsyncing?

Come in drag an get in for free. Dj's all night long. FABULOUS PRIZES! Its going to be a night of debauchery. I mean can you imagine what happens when you cross a room full of drunk bachelors drinking for their stag night and a bunch of horny trannies? Ill let you do the math ;-).

Tomorrow is liquid brunch with Bark! Sing. Drink. Praise brunch.

Monday: THE MOUSTACHE live
dj support JOEY HANSOM
karaoke warm up 22 till 00 with Ronson
from 00.30 sing with Travis in the CRACKSMOKE lounge