MAMA live, DICKEY DOO dj set, sing with Ronson, karaoke inna CRACKSMOKE lounge

Mondays just get more and more fun. Its a regular entertainment paradise! We begin around 10pm with a bit of karaoke on the main stage to get the room (and stage and go go pole) warmed up for our live show, tonight its MAMA! showtime:midnight. Afterwards dj DICKEY DOO will get your ass going to funky beats all night long! In the cracksmoke lounge we have travis doing some very intimate karaoke.

Update about the weekend: I was expecting bachelorette HELL as the date for all those wedding keeps getting closer and closer (10.10.10), but it was suprisingly empty all weekend for the big singing weekend in Ronson's. I though all you karaoke-ers would be out in droves after not having any karaoke on stage for 3 weeks! As you can all imagine, all the singing freaks that did show up were happily satiated as they were able to sing so much on stage, and there was no waiting for any boxes all weekend! So, I guess thats a sign kids... time to come sing!

Tomorrow, tuesday, is the BERLIN POP CHOIR performance at 21.00.

The weekend in ronsons? its a BIG DISCO WEEKEND beginning with our Italo-party on Friday, and saturday featuring disco afficianado BARRY MANILA. Stay tuned for password!

yours truly,