LOVE DANCER'S UNION 2nite! t-7days till sparkle army!

Last night was Petra Flurr's Sabbat II party. It was a doozy... I always find it so fun how diverse our crowd could be. A whole group of noise-lovin',- goth-lookin', torn-black-lace-wearin' superfreaks shaking to the EXTREM NOISE that probably broke at least 2 of our new speakers. If that didn't maybe it was the glass of piss the last artist accidentally spilled on everything during his set. Party goers, beware! Ronson's will loose its reputation of "gepflegtes punkrock bar" if we are not careful! Soon we may just be a dirty crust bar. Everyone got dressed up though and looked GREAT! Thanks for the parade of pretty people at the Ronson's last night!

Tonight is LOVE DANCER'S UNION with Paulo Chinatown and friends. Here is how they best describe their night:  A dark and pulsating cosmic oddity, the dub versions of mystic journeys that navigates the dancer through a cyber futuristic jungle of hypnotic rhythms and sounds serves as a reminder of when the cosmic groove wallops along with a hypnotic and drugged-out splendour. Its spine-tingling stuff and the magic of the Love Dancers Union really shines. Basically, you will want to sniff poppers and stare at flashing lights for a bit after you’ve listened to it. Welcome to this Retro Futuro Cosmic Bash ! ! ! Its going to be an inspirational ride ! ! !

Does this sound like something for you? don't worry, the poppers are optional, and you have to bring your own. Wanna get in for free to the ITALO DISCO tonight? then say, "I am a space oddity" at the door for free entry for you and all your friends. As always this password does not apply to bachelor/ette parties or stag bashes. Password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabend gruppen!

7 days until THE SPARKLE ARMY arrives. Our most exciting party of the year, so get your sparkle space slut outfit ready!