A**hole powder, naked people & liquid bruch

As always, a brief description of Saturday night in the Ronson's. Who put the A**hole powder in the beer from 22.30 till 12.30???? I don't like to write not nice things about Ronson's, but by the time 23 oclock rolled around last night, I was seriously thinking about turning on the work lights in the club, turning off the boxes and kicking everyone out to start with new guests. A real control alt delete situation on our hands. What was with those kids? I know they were just having fun, but to quote Silke, "Ronsons is a nightclub, not a football game" would have fit last night. I know they were just having fun, but they were doing a full West End Girls kicking in chairs and knocking down tables. We asked them to leave the dancefloor and come to the bar where we could keep an eye on them. Which they were kind enough to do... Then once at the bar this incessant loudness! We warned them again. I don't know who got tired of who first, us of them or them of us, but they left shortly thereafter and made room for some nice guests. thank god.

After that there was some seriously fun and determined karaoke singers. My favorites was the group in Elvis who came prepared for a real singing marathon. They brought a privacy curtain to hang on Elvis's window as they all came prepared with swimming clothes under their street clothes. They sang for at least 4 hours in their bathing suits, knowing the it can get really HOT in a box with so many performers all at once. It was fun to get a peek in the window and only see sweating singing FLESH! Thanks for making our night a lot better.

Today is Liquid Brunch, it is supposed to be with me, ronson, but so typical, i have given my shift to Bark! because I am just overworked the last weeks and i see no end in sight! Tomorrow we are trying a new concept with the FAGBAR. Still a live show with Antoni Maaovi at midnight, dj support from Obi Blanche. Sing from 22 till midnight with Ronson on the main stage, then be sure to discover our little new suprise for your pleasure in the smoking lounge.

The sparkle army is only 6 days away! sparkle space sluts unite!