Monday, September 6, 2010

2NITE fagbar gayer than ever! live ANTONI MAAOVI, OBI BLANCHE

We are trying something new in the fagbar tonight. We will have 4 private boxes to rent by the hour (at half price) for all you kids that want cheap karaoke on Mondays, and we will also have 4 boxes in the back open for boxhopping. 4 boxes you ask yourself? how is Ronson going to pull that off with only 3 boxes in the back? Lets just say I'm a very resourceful person and with my EXCELLENT team at Ronson's anything is possible!

At midnight there is a live show from ANTONI MAAOVI. dj support after the show from OBI BLANCHE. Karaoke with Ronson from 22 till midnight in the main room. Special suprise in the smoking lounge after the show. A funfilled night of adventure you won't soon forget!


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