'schuldigung! blognation, weekendpassword & MORE!

The flyer above is for the party on Friday-ITALO DISCO!
I always thought my blog would be a place where I could let everyone know about the real nitty gritty of running a karaoke bar and all the funny and not so funny things that happen. I can tell you, its a lot of f*cking work! I am pretty good about writing something every couple days, but it usually just covers the events that go on here. Today I'll let you in on more though!

We had a newsletter that our ex-website guy made. Anyhow, when I went to sent out a newsletter to invite all you sparkly people to the event, he then let me know it was deleted, and no longer exhisted. Thanks for the heads up a-hole! Matze, our new computer guy has been setting up a new one. I hate doing this kind of stuff, nor am I qualified, so he does it. He must not do a pretty bad job, after all, he did do all the programming in all the karaoke boxes.

He made us a new mailing list and we tried it out yesterday. Apparently a lot (or even all) of you received it 4! times. I am sorry about that! We are working on it. It was brought to my attention through a reservation callback request. The mail looked exactly like this (watch out... its a bit x rated!)

"Reservierungsanfrage von
Fuck your newsletter (fuck@ronson.com)Telefon: 666
Datum: 24.09.2010
Startzeit: 12
Endzeit: 13
Go fuck your self with your fucking constant repeating  newsletter
Fuck you"

So, though I dont praise him for his takt, he did get this important information relayed to me. Would have loved to send him something nice for letting me know about the problem, maybe some free hours in a box, or some cocktail coupons, but as you can see, his email address doesn't work for obvious reasons. I do worry this person (geez... the whole time I assumed it was a man, but I guess I don't really know, do I?)  does have an anger management issue, so I think it is probably best if he stays away from the happy singing people in the karaoke bar.

My sincere apology though if you are reading this! I hope your "delete" finger has recovered in the mean time and you can continue with your normal life! It must have been hell for you.

The good thing is, there are other people blogging about Ronson's! I am adding 3 links to people that blogged about the tranny olympics. What a night! All three links are different people! Thanks for the nice stories! Couldn't have written a more detailed and accurate account of the night myself!

The password to get in for free all weekend is hidden in the blog I wrote last, but for all you lazy buggers, Illl write it again here, "I dedicate my life to disco". Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag groups. thanks for understanding.


Paulo Chinatown (bday!) ITALO-DISCO mit Roi Poingi & Mehr!

Paulo Chinatown has been our resident italo disco specialist every first friday of the month for a few months. He always invites excellent guest djs, and this is no exception for his BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Its open to everyone who loves disco. This months special guest ROI POINGI! Next month we team up with ITALO DEVIANCE! special guest dj for november MARCELLO GIORDANI coming extra from Italy for your psychadelic listening experience! This friday beginning at 10pm.

Saturday we continue with our big disco weekend with BARRY MANILA. He plays disco and soul music from the last 50 years, all on VINYL! we at ronsons LOVE vinyl and its always welcome! the warm pulsing sound of plastic is ALWAYS best!

Do you love disco? do you want to get in for free this weekend? then use the password, "I dedicate my life to disco" for free entry for you and all your friends. This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende. It's 3 euros to get in for you.

The show from MAMA on monday was amazing. Sorry to the losers that didn't make it! Did anyone catch the pop choir presentation on tuesday? AMAZING! I can't wait for the next one on December 21st!

yours truly

MAMA live, DICKEY DOO dj set, sing with Ronson, karaoke inna CRACKSMOKE lounge

Mondays just get more and more fun. Its a regular entertainment paradise! We begin around 10pm with a bit of karaoke on the main stage to get the room (and stage and go go pole) warmed up for our live show, tonight its MAMA! showtime:midnight. Afterwards dj DICKEY DOO will get your ass going to funky beats all night long! In the cracksmoke lounge we have travis doing some very intimate karaoke.

Update about the weekend: I was expecting bachelorette HELL as the date for all those wedding keeps getting closer and closer (10.10.10), but it was suprisingly empty all weekend for the big singing weekend in Ronson's. I though all you karaoke-ers would be out in droves after not having any karaoke on stage for 3 weeks! As you can all imagine, all the singing freaks that did show up were happily satiated as they were able to sing so much on stage, and there was no waiting for any boxes all weekend! So, I guess thats a sign kids... time to come sing!

Tomorrow, tuesday, is the BERLIN POP CHOIR performance at 21.00.

The weekend in ronsons? its a BIG DISCO WEEKEND beginning with our Italo-party on Friday, and saturday featuring disco afficianado BARRY MANILA. Stay tuned for password!

yours truly,


Big Singing Weekend in Ronsons.

It's finally here for all you karaoke lovers. The big singing weekend in Ronson's. We had a lot of other parties month, but its back, karaoke on our main stage! In addition to that, there will be ROCKBAND II in the smoking lounge with myspace.com/rockbandberlin. On Friday we have the one and only FONZ... the kj with tha latin flayvuh! On Saturday we welcome back DING DONG for a night of debauchery.

Password to get in for free (friday & saturday) for you and all your friends is (better practice this one before you show up!!) "fonz - a - long - ding - dong". That is a word i made up out of both of the KJ's names this weekend. Aren't I clever? This password is not valid for bachelor/ette parties or stag nights. You kids have to pay full price! Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in parties bzw polterabend!

see you on stage!


(the real) Trannie Olympixxx

For the first time ever in Germany THE REAL TRANNIE OLYMPICS. Take your best shot in such disciplines as the 100 Meter dash...IN HEELS or the Wet t-shirt contest (see picture), take part in the eating contest (do they purge afterwords?), can you put on your make up in the dark? Are you an expert at lipsyncing?

Come in drag an get in for free. Dj's all night long. FABULOUS PRIZES! Its going to be a night of debauchery. I mean can you imagine what happens when you cross a room full of drunk bachelors drinking for their stag night and a bunch of horny trannies? Ill let you do the math ;-).

Tomorrow is liquid brunch with Bark! Sing. Drink. Praise brunch.

Monday: THE MOUSTACHE live
dj support JOEY HANSOM
karaoke warm up 22 till 00 with Ronson
from 00.30 sing with Travis in the CRACKSMOKE lounge


SPARKLE ARMY DOCUMENTATION! yes, it did happen, wasn't a dream!

JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY was a huge success. I still don't know if it was real, or was it a dream? Well, here is a photo of me in my sparkle rocketship to prove I was there. There are tons of photos! Right now you can see them on Marisa Sparkles facebook page. I will put them up on mine too. The laser portraits are awesome! If you have a laser portrait, be sure to upload your pic to the largest collection of laser portraits on the internet at www.laserportraits.net. Finally some sparkly people on their website!

Check out the cholophorm tv documentation. Amazing! While I was still hung over, this 5 minute documentary piece was edited and up on the internet. Thanks so much guys! It looks great!

Friday you can dance the hits with DING DONG. The password to get in for free on Friday is, "ding my dong".

Saturday is the TRANNY OLYMPICS here in Ronson's. Come in drag to get in for free! Check out such sports as WET T-SHIRT CONTEST, or the 100 METER DASH.... IN HEELS!, there is a lip sync contest as well as an eating contest. Ever put lipstick on in the dark? well, its a sport at the tranny olympics! The best part???? We paid special attention to have a lot of STAG parties in the private boxes on this night. You can probably only imagine what happens when you cross a whole bunch of horny trannies with a whole bunch of drunk bachellors. DEBAUCHERY! ha ha. those boys are gonna wake up with a headache and lipstick in places that can cause their boxers to look like bozo's faces!

yours truly


JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY!!! tonight from 23 Uhr, Earth time

Due to our amazing deko action and time we spent to prepare for this OUT OF THIS GLAXY PARTY, Ronson's will open at 11pm, 23 Uhr, Earth time. Wear sparkles and arrive before midnight to get in for free!

On Saturday its finally here! Our supersonic rocketship to Uranus! JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY! 11.9.10 from 23.00 Uhr. What is going to happen? SPACE DISCO!! Here are the highpoints:

live: DEN HAAN (glasgow)
live: LENDLESS (berlin)

We have so many special suprises and activities planned for our space adventure! All our karaoke boxes will be transformed into space suprises! just some of the fun includes:
SUCK AND BLOW (ill leave the suspense open on this one!)
SPARKLE SPACE STATION in the smoking lounge

We encourage sparkle space slut outfits. There will be a prize of a 50euro bartab for the best costume! Remember, when it comes to sparkles MORE IS MORE! Don't worry, if you don't have anything sparkly, a brief visit to our SPARKLE SUPPLY STORE and you'll fit right in! That goes for anyone that is not feeling sparkly enough. Join us on your supersonic rocketship to Uranus!

before midnight:
in sparkle outfit FREE/6€ without

after midnight
in sparkles 6€/ 8€ without

Berliner clubnacht bändchen auch hier erhältlich:
12€ für 44 clubs
mit bändchen eintritt frei

mit passwort von
halbe preis vor mitternacht
geh auf diese demo! wichtig!

see you on Uranus on saturday!!!

euer Ronson

2NITE fagbar gayer than ever! live ANTONI MAAOVI, OBI BLANCHE

We are trying something new in the fagbar tonight. We will have 4 private boxes to rent by the hour (at half price) for all you kids that want cheap karaoke on Mondays, and we will also have 4 boxes in the back open for boxhopping. 4 boxes you ask yourself? how is Ronson going to pull that off with only 3 boxes in the back? Lets just say I'm a very resourceful person and with my EXCELLENT team at Ronson's anything is possible!

At midnight there is a live show from ANTONI MAAOVI. dj support after the show from OBI BLANCHE. Karaoke with Ronson from 22 till midnight in the main room. Special suprise in the smoking lounge after the show. A funfilled night of adventure you won't soon forget!


A**hole powder, naked people & liquid bruch

As always, a brief description of Saturday night in the Ronson's. Who put the A**hole powder in the beer from 22.30 till 12.30???? I don't like to write not nice things about Ronson's, but by the time 23 oclock rolled around last night, I was seriously thinking about turning on the work lights in the club, turning off the boxes and kicking everyone out to start with new guests. A real control alt delete situation on our hands. What was with those kids? I know they were just having fun, but to quote Silke, "Ronsons is a nightclub, not a football game" would have fit last night. I know they were just having fun, but they were doing a full West End Girls kicking in chairs and knocking down tables. We asked them to leave the dancefloor and come to the bar where we could keep an eye on them. Which they were kind enough to do... Then once at the bar this incessant loudness! We warned them again. I don't know who got tired of who first, us of them or them of us, but they left shortly thereafter and made room for some nice guests. thank god.

After that there was some seriously fun and determined karaoke singers. My favorites was the group in Elvis who came prepared for a real singing marathon. They brought a privacy curtain to hang on Elvis's window as they all came prepared with swimming clothes under their street clothes. They sang for at least 4 hours in their bathing suits, knowing the it can get really HOT in a box with so many performers all at once. It was fun to get a peek in the window and only see sweating singing FLESH! Thanks for making our night a lot better.

Today is Liquid Brunch, it is supposed to be with me, ronson, but so typical, i have given my shift to Bark! because I am just overworked the last weeks and i see no end in sight! Tomorrow we are trying a new concept with the FAGBAR. Still a live show with Antoni Maaovi at midnight, dj support from Obi Blanche. Sing from 22 till midnight with Ronson on the main stage, then be sure to discover our little new suprise for your pleasure in the smoking lounge.

The sparkle army is only 6 days away! sparkle space sluts unite!


LOVE DANCER'S UNION 2nite! t-7days till sparkle army!

Last night was Petra Flurr's Sabbat II party. It was a doozy... I always find it so fun how diverse our crowd could be. A whole group of noise-lovin',- goth-lookin', torn-black-lace-wearin' superfreaks shaking to the EXTREM NOISE that probably broke at least 2 of our new speakers. If that didn't maybe it was the glass of piss the last artist accidentally spilled on everything during his set. Party goers, beware! Ronson's will loose its reputation of "gepflegtes punkrock bar" if we are not careful! Soon we may just be a dirty crust bar. Everyone got dressed up though and looked GREAT! Thanks for the parade of pretty people at the Ronson's last night!

Tonight is LOVE DANCER'S UNION with Paulo Chinatown and friends. Here is how they best describe their night:  A dark and pulsating cosmic oddity, the dub versions of mystic journeys that navigates the dancer through a cyber futuristic jungle of hypnotic rhythms and sounds serves as a reminder of when the cosmic groove wallops along with a hypnotic and drugged-out splendour. Its spine-tingling stuff and the magic of the Love Dancers Union really shines. Basically, you will want to sniff poppers and stare at flashing lights for a bit after you’ve listened to it. Welcome to this Retro Futuro Cosmic Bash ! ! ! Its going to be an inspirational ride ! ! !

Does this sound like something for you? don't worry, the poppers are optional, and you have to bring your own. Wanna get in for free to the ITALO DISCO tonight? then say, "I am a space oddity" at the door for free entry for you and all your friends. As always this password does not apply to bachelor/ette parties or stag bashes. Password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabend gruppen!

7 days until THE SPARKLE ARMY arrives. Our most exciting party of the year, so get your sparkle space slut outfit ready!



SABBATH II - wave elektro punk fest. This is the unofficial afterparty for the DROP DEAD festival. I am sure it will be a real reunion of all the Berlin artists that were at the festival. Thats right, not only to do you get to see many live acts and dj's from the festival, you can also party with ACTUAL artists from the festival! from 10pm. 5 oi's.

Saturday is our monthly ITALO DISCO party featuring paulo chinatown and friends. Stay tuned for our ITALO DEVIANCE guest dj's in November! entrance - a measly 3 oi!s.