we are FIT!, MARILYN mongol is kjane, EXPATRIARCH W/sparkles!

Above you see Marilyn. She is your KJane tonight! Karaoke on the main stage all night long from 10pm.

Did you ever wonder how the Ronson's staff stays so fit? Stays up all night long shakin' your cocktails? And smoking.... and drinking.... and we all look so damn good????? wanna know our secret???? its easy:
Singing regularly & Yoga! Thats right, the Ronson's team regularly does Yoga together to keep us fit. So you can get a feel for it, the PASSWORD FOR FREE ENTRY tonight (fr. 27.8) and tomorrow (sat. 28.8)is, "oooohhhhhmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhmmmmmmm, ooooooooohhhhhhhmmmmm.". Thats right, 3 looonnnngggg yogic "ohm's" to get in for free- not just short ohms but long resonating ones that put you in touch with the Earths Cosmic vibrations°!!!!! Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabend gruppen.

JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY! The Word of Glitter is getting out ladies and Gentlemen! Here is a piece of press from EXPATRIARCH with and exclusive interview with MARISA SPARKLES!!!!

NYC’s Marisa Sparkles bedazzles Berlin with Sparkle Army

yours truly