supersticious? DEMANDA BACK! & minus 20 grad....

Did you ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing went right? That was my day yesterday. I won't go into detail, but I spent the whole day running and got nothing done. I could have stayed in bed and accomplished the same amount. Was it because It was Friday the 13th? I doubt it. One of the things I wanted to do was, as always, write on my blog and tell you what is going on at Ronson's on the weekend. You can already probably guess what happened :-/.

Better late than never. Yesterday was Marilyn Mongol's HIGH ON KARAOKE show. Funny mixed crowed of hardcore crust punks and bachelorettes. Nice music all night, real karaoke meltdown!

Tonight was supposed to be DEMANDA MOORE, the artist formerly known as SAMANTHA THA FOXXX as your kjane tonight, but Demanda is stuck in Sweden :-(. We will miss you and sing one for your Demanda! And now we are going to DEMANDA BACK!

I'll be doing the first part of the night with KJ BARK! and he will finish up the night. I am looking forward to singing some songs tonight to get some therapy from my ugly day yesterday. In fact, we will just make that the password for free entry for you and all your friends tonight. say, "I'M HERE FOR SOME THERAPY" and get in for free. This password does not apply to bachelor/ette parties or stag parties. Password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in parties oder polterabende.

We have a new schaps tiefkuhlfach. We now drink our schnaps at -20degrees Celsius.

bottoms up°!

euer Ronson