Secretly, its my birthday. 2nite inna fagbar!

I thought I could get away with not telling anyone about my birthday this year, but I just can't keep a secret. Ill have a little drink in the FAGBAR tonight, but the real party will be happening on the 11th of September at the JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY party.

The FAGBAR- not just for homosexuals, but it helps! Boxhopping all night long. Nothing more fun than singing and sweating with strangers in a box. Sing with me on stage from 10pm till midnight. LIVE SHOW AT MIDNIGHT  with JO MISTINGUETT from Brasil! After that we dance all night to Bartje (who is on the third leg of his TRIATHALON here in the Ronson's!). This party is not good for larger groups.

Hope to see you there!

euer Ronson