SAVE THE DATE & singing weekend

It's a singing weekend in Ronson's. Tonight we have THA FONZ for your singing pleasure. A host that will get you all dancing and singing with his insane dj abilities to top! Of course we welcome tourists in our club for an excellent singing experience, but you have to promise to drink here and puke somewhere else! so, for this reason, the password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "I promise to puke at my hostile". This password does not apply to bachellor/ette or stag parties.

Tomorrow, saturday, is a special day. Its Patrick & Silke's going away party. They have requested absolutely no bachellor/ettes, so we gonna do it! Password for free entry on Saturday is (gotta get this one right!!!) "I do regret I ever met that silly drunken bachelorrette! No stag parties tonight.

Demanda Moore can't make it on sunday, but CT will be your host for liquid brunch. Aufstehen frühschoppen, singen. Praise brunch.

euer Ronson