PRAISE BRUNCH! weekend update. Jô Mistinguett inna fagbar....

Sing all night tonight on our main stage at our hedonistic ritual every sunday. Free of charge. LIQUID BRUNCH...the real church of karaoke.  kj BARK! has promised a holy ceremony at midnight. Some of our favorite LIQUID BRUNCH sayings:
-I only eat at bars and parties.
-kids under 12 drink for free!
-I'm hungry. What are we drinking?
Its all in good fun kids... But it is still ENTRANCE FROM 21 YEARS AND UP!!!

Friday was fun with Marilyn's HIGH ON KARAOKE SHOW. Great mixture of funky bachelorettes and Hardcore crust punks to smoke all their cigarettes ;-). Saturday was Bachellor/ette overload. It can happen at peak bachelor/ette season.

Next Saturday we are proud to present the BACHELORETTE FREE SAMSTAG NACHT! Thats the good news. The bad news is that it is Patrick and Silke's going away jamboree. Patrick is leaving us for the southern hemisphere and well, I am sad to say, I think after 5 years of service, the bachellor/ettes drove Silke to stray :-(. Not sure if I can ever forgive you. We will all miss you both so much!

Its always a gamble at the FAGBAR. is it a treasure or is it trash? We actually have really good luck in this department. There are so many surprises at the fagbar. At midnight there is a show. This week we have a traveller from Brasil, Jô Mistinguett. On the decks will be Bartje (go Bartje, a triathalon!).

I'll be there from 22 till midnight singin witcha' as always :-).