ONKEL BERNIvollderHIT! popchoir & mehr!

A very memorable night in the FAGBAR last night. If you missed Onkel Berni, be sure to check them out! You never know what you are going to get for a live show in Ronson's on a Monday.... I mean for 3 lousy euros, what do you expect? TRASH! expect trash! What is amazing though, you often get seriously talented musicians making nice music. That was the case last night. These kids were TIGHT! FUN party songs! I am going to invite them to our FETE DE LA MUSIQUE 2011. I hope they accept!

The door person on Mondays is afraid Mondays aren't gay enough if I book bands that aren't queer. Well, I laid those worry to rest when I told her about the GAYSEX I discovered last night :-). No, maybe its not all gay on mondays, maybe its not even half gay, but as long as people feel comfortable enough to do it where ever they want on a monday, its gay enough for me :-)!!!!!

Pop choir is gaining momentum, and has even been featured in the Newspaper! We still need more boys, so come on down! Every Tuesday from 19.30 to 21.00.

Stayed tuned for the weekend:
the artist formerly known as SAMANTHA THA FOXXX is now DEMANDA MOORE!
cum. sing. dance.

euer Ronson