ONKEL BERNI live inna fagbar um mitternacht.

Its Monday.... international karaoke night at all gaybars across the world.... and interational gay night in the karaoke bar in Berlin! You don't have to be homosexual or transgender to enjoy the FAGBAR, but it helps :-). We open at 20 Uhr. From 22 until showtime at midnight we sing karaoke in the main room to warm up the stage for ONKEL BERNI. Showtime midnight, after LAURA MARDONES dj set. She is our newfound jem! Its all you can sing flatrate singing in the boxes all night. Big groups are not good for Mondays, its a singles party! Come alone and leave with someone- or just take care of your business in a private box. Then you don't have to feed him/her breakfast!

About Onkel Berni - check out their myspace! They look like a trash band, but i think these kids are serious people!

Weekend update (last weekend, the big DISCO WEEKEND) was a huge success! Finally the Lover Dancer's Union people got some great guests coming and dancing. Barry Manila really went the extra mile on saturday too! stay tuned later in the week for the password for free entry all weekend.

Financial Crisis? no problem! Ronson's is getting cheaper! wodka & redbull used to be 7,50. Now we switched to ONE energy drink, and now it only costs 6 euros!

bis heute abend!
euer Ronson