LIQUID BRUNCH the true church of karaoke! DER KÄPT'N as guest!

TONIGHT.... liquid Brunch... the only TRUE church of karaoke! From 9pm tonight with your guest kj DER KÄPT'N. He brings his own repetoire with even more german songs! Free entry all night, sing live on stage, entrance from 21 years and up.

It was a relaxed weekend in Ronson's. Learned something new again though..... the 3 yogic "ohms" as a password to get in for free is a bad idea....... everyone in the line knows what the password is after the first person goes in! But after last weekends "bachelor/ette" free night, I suppose we all know that I am a bad business man. I mean, whats a karaokebar without bachelor/ettes on a weekend? COMPLETELY EMPTY! Welcome back bloody bachelor/ettes! Glad to see you out in droves again.

What was with those 2 french girls last night? I give them an a+ for staying power..... they arrived at 22.15 and were still drinking at 5.30 when I left.... BUT.... they had to be ON stage during every song, with a microphone in hand AT ALL TIMES. Did they not noticed that we were all taking turns to sing on stage? Did they not notice that I would introduce every singer? Then they would get all sour when I would turn their mics off so the REAL singer of the song could sing their song. I guess someone should introduce them to a box.... it would be their wet dream! every song yours, all mics all your own, only songs you pick! I bet they would even have more staying power in a box. Im tellin ya gentlemen, find some french girls at the bar, get 'em inna box, and have fun ALL NIGHT LONG!

stay tuned for tomorrow. Live at midnight TRIKE. karaoke with Ronson from 22 till midnight. DJ support from Emil Doesn't Drive.