Fafa as guest KJ tonight in the Ronson's! Milkshake report.

Hey karaoke lovers! We have a special guest from Switzerland today as guest kj for liquid brunch. I have seen her work on the www.DIESELKARAOKE.ch bus in different places, but it will be her first time in the Ronson's as KJane. Let me tell you- she is not only totally sweet, she is very concerned that YOU get to sing and HAVE FUN! sooo.....loslasssen & lossingen! Free entrance, as always, on sundays. I'll also be popping by for a song or two.

Milkshake. Whatta nice crowd! The only bad thing about this party is that it only happens 3 or 4 times a year. And that we ran out of fog liquid halfway through the night. Oh yeah, and a speaker busted, probably from being too loud. BUT, it was still all worth it! These ladies know how to party! Looking at the lost and found after a Milkshake party is pure proof. I actually discovered a bicycle in front of the Ronsons when i was leaving. It was barely locked up, so I scooted it inside where it would be safe from theives. If this is your bike, come pick it up anytime from 7pm!