BERLIN SLING live 2NITE! Bachellor/ette free...

This is is a picture of MARISA SPARKLES, just to keep in your heads that THE SPARKLE ARMY is coming. JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY on 11.9.10 at 11pm. Free before midnight in sparkles. 50euro bartab for the best sparkle slut space suit!

FAGBAR! Tonight at midnight live BERLIN SLING. dj support RUMPELSTIL. karaoke with Ronson from 22 until midnight. Boxhopping all night long! 3euro flatrate singing. Party not for large groups. Its a singles party! You dont have to be a homosexual, but it helps!

Saturday was the Bachellor/ette free night. How was it? LOVELY! Thanks for all of your understanding that we needed a break during peak season. You are all welcome back next weekend!

Thursday is THE MONSTER SESSION! Jam session- bring an instrument, your voice counts!

euer Ronson