2NITE Angel Eyedealism- Ronsons bald ohne Liquid brunch?

Tonight inna fagbar um mitternacht: ANGEL EYEDEALISM. dj support: YAM spinning space disco and tekkkknööö! Warm up the stage beforehand with Ronson from 22 on with your karaoke performance. Boxhopping all you can sing flatrate singing all night. If it is anything like last week, there will be a mountain of attractive single homosexual boys and gurlz! It difficult to get to bed early when you have guests like that! I'm a lucky guy.

Liquid Brunch yesterday was a blast. It is always very intimate on Sundays at the Ronson's, and our guest KJane from Switzerland kept us Rockn and Rolln! If you do the math, you can see that our weekly LIQUID BRUNCH party every sunday is just not a money maker. I can't stop it though! Can any of you imagine the Ronson's without liquid brunch, THE TRUE CHURCH OF KARAOKE???? Sing. Drink. Praise Liquid Brunch. My favorite sayings from yesterday: From Dirk about my mom, "GUTE MUTTER!". From Rebi about Fafa's (guest kjane) KJ personality after me saying she may be too nice for a KJ, "FAFA CAN ALSO BE UNNICE". Now if that isn't about the best complimet a kj can receive! Favorite song from last night NELLY THE ELEPHANT sung by Ronster's Momson.