JOIN THE POP CHOIR, 2 for 1 and TRIKE a hit!

Whoever missed TRIKE's performance last night missed out! I bet these kids could come  up with a new fresh show every freakin week, but hey, we gotta give some other artists a chance too, right? be sure to check them out!
tonight the next session of the pop choir begins, at 19.30. No experience necessary, all levels welcome, no tryouts, reading or knowing anything about music is not important, only participation counts!
It is also 2 for 1 drinks from 19 till midnight. Order and pay for 1 drink, get the second one on the spot free of charge! Nicht horten, teilen! freude für die freunde!


We are pleased to announce that TRIKE will be playing live tonight at midnight in the fagbar. TRIKE is a band that has been impressing the SOCKS OFF ME since I found out about them 6 months ago. A duo that has committed themselves to music and art- even quit their day jobs for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT! They bring out a song and a video EVERY week! All of their cd's that they sell come with A HAND MADE PUPPET CASE! They sing, they play the guitar, they tap dance, and who knows what else they have up their sleeve. Check out their website You'd be lucky to be a fan of trike.

karaoke on stage with Ronson from 22 till midnight. ITALO SPACE DISCO dj set by EMIL DOESNT DRIVE all night long.

Tomorrow the pop choir begins again. JOIN THE POP CHOIR!

LIQUID BRUNCH the true church of karaoke! DER KÄPT'N as guest!

TONIGHT.... liquid Brunch... the only TRUE church of karaoke! From 9pm tonight with your guest kj DER KÄPT'N. He brings his own repetoire with even more german songs! Free entry all night, sing live on stage, entrance from 21 years and up.

It was a relaxed weekend in Ronson's. Learned something new again though..... the 3 yogic "ohms" as a password to get in for free is a bad idea....... everyone in the line knows what the password is after the first person goes in! But after last weekends "bachelor/ette" free night, I suppose we all know that I am a bad business man. I mean, whats a karaokebar without bachelor/ettes on a weekend? COMPLETELY EMPTY! Welcome back bloody bachelor/ettes! Glad to see you out in droves again.

What was with those 2 french girls last night? I give them an a+ for staying power..... they arrived at 22.15 and were still drinking at 5.30 when I left.... BUT.... they had to be ON stage during every song, with a microphone in hand AT ALL TIMES. Did they not noticed that we were all taking turns to sing on stage? Did they not notice that I would introduce every singer? Then they would get all sour when I would turn their mics off so the REAL singer of the song could sing their song. I guess someone should introduce them to a box.... it would be their wet dream! every song yours, all mics all your own, only songs you pick! I bet they would even have more staying power in a box. Im tellin ya gentlemen, find some french girls at the bar, get 'em inna box, and have fun ALL NIGHT LONG!

stay tuned for tomorrow. Live at midnight TRIKE. karaoke with Ronson from 22 till midnight. DJ support from Emil Doesn't Drive.


we are FIT!, MARILYN mongol is kjane, EXPATRIARCH W/sparkles!

Above you see Marilyn. She is your KJane tonight! Karaoke on the main stage all night long from 10pm.

Did you ever wonder how the Ronson's staff stays so fit? Stays up all night long shakin' your cocktails? And smoking.... and drinking.... and we all look so damn good????? wanna know our secret???? its easy:
Singing regularly & Yoga! Thats right, the Ronson's team regularly does Yoga together to keep us fit. So you can get a feel for it, the PASSWORD FOR FREE ENTRY tonight (fr. 27.8) and tomorrow (sat. 28.8)is, "oooohhhhhmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhmmmmmmm, ooooooooohhhhhhhmmmmm.". Thats right, 3 looonnnngggg yogic "ohm's" to get in for free- not just short ohms but long resonating ones that put you in touch with the Earths Cosmic vibrations°!!!!! Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabend gruppen.

JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY! The Word of Glitter is getting out ladies and Gentlemen! Here is a piece of press from EXPATRIARCH with and exclusive interview with MARISA SPARKLES!!!!

NYC’s Marisa Sparkles bedazzles Berlin with Sparkle Army

yours truly


half-price boxes 2NITE! from 19 till 22.

I am reposting and reposting and reposting this online invitation for our JOIN THE SPARLKE ARMY party on the 11th of September at 11pm (earth time). Why? because it is our best and most famous party of the year! Come in sparkles before midnight for free entrance. 50 euro bartab for the best space sparkle slut outfit!

Today is wednesday, humpday, and all boxes are half price from 19 till 22. Stay tuned for my blog tomorrow, where there will be a password for free entry for you and all your friends for the BIG SINGING WEEKEND in Ronson's!


euer Ronson

BERLIN SLING live 2NITE! Bachellor/ette free...

This is is a picture of MARISA SPARKLES, just to keep in your heads that THE SPARKLE ARMY is coming. JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY on 11.9.10 at 11pm. Free before midnight in sparkles. 50euro bartab for the best sparkle slut space suit!

FAGBAR! Tonight at midnight live BERLIN SLING. dj support RUMPELSTIL. karaoke with Ronson from 22 until midnight. Boxhopping all night long! 3euro flatrate singing. Party not for large groups. Its a singles party! You dont have to be a homosexual, but it helps!

Saturday was the Bachellor/ette free night. How was it? LOVELY! Thanks for all of your understanding that we needed a break during peak season. You are all welcome back next weekend!

Thursday is THE MONSTER SESSION! Jam session- bring an instrument, your voice counts!

euer Ronson

SAVE THE DATE & singing weekend

It's a singing weekend in Ronson's. Tonight we have THA FONZ for your singing pleasure. A host that will get you all dancing and singing with his insane dj abilities to top! Of course we welcome tourists in our club for an excellent singing experience, but you have to promise to drink here and puke somewhere else! so, for this reason, the password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "I promise to puke at my hostile". This password does not apply to bachellor/ette or stag parties.

Tomorrow, saturday, is a special day. Its Patrick & Silke's going away party. They have requested absolutely no bachellor/ettes, so we gonna do it! Password for free entry on Saturday is (gotta get this one right!!!) "I do regret I ever met that silly drunken bachelorrette! No stag parties tonight.

Demanda Moore can't make it on sunday, but CT will be your host for liquid brunch. Aufstehen frühschoppen, singen. Praise brunch.

euer Ronson


Vielleicht soll ich doch auf englisch UND deutsch schreiben wenn ich mein blog schreibe. "BACHELOR/ETTE FREE" abend heisst nicht dass es "for free" ist für Jungesellen/in parties, sondern das es ein jungesellen/in party ARM abend ist! Also bitte KEIN JUNGESELLEN/IN parties am Samstag, 21.8!!! WARUM???

weil Bachellor/ette (Deutsch:Jungesellen/in) saison extra lang ist dieses Jahr, haben wir eine pause für uns eingebaut, und zwar am samstag, 21.8. Nächstes Jahr wird noch länger, und vielleicht bauen sogar 2 pausen ein! Warum würden die Bachellor/ette saison länger jedes jahr? ich schätze, es wird so laufen bis 2013.... Da dieses jahr wollen alle am 10.10.10 heiraten. Nächstes jahr wirds 11.11.11, natürlich.

But, its not all fun and party. On saturday we say goodbye to our lovely SILKE and PATRICK. Yes, my two powerhouses are leaving the Ronson's forever! And yes, the Ronson's is hiring. Ronster's Momson will be guest kj from 22 till 1. The password for free entry on Saturday is, " I do regret I ever met that silly drunken Bachelorette" I hope you can all remember that!

das wars erstma.


Secretly, its my birthday. 2nite inna fagbar!

I thought I could get away with not telling anyone about my birthday this year, but I just can't keep a secret. Ill have a little drink in the FAGBAR tonight, but the real party will be happening on the 11th of September at the JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY party.

The FAGBAR- not just for homosexuals, but it helps! Boxhopping all night long. Nothing more fun than singing and sweating with strangers in a box. Sing with me on stage from 10pm till midnight. LIVE SHOW AT MIDNIGHT  with JO MISTINGUETT from Brasil! After that we dance all night to Bartje (who is on the third leg of his TRIATHALON here in the Ronson's!). This party is not good for larger groups.

Hope to see you there!

euer Ronson

PRAISE BRUNCH! weekend update. Jô Mistinguett inna fagbar....

Sing all night tonight on our main stage at our hedonistic ritual every sunday. Free of charge. LIQUID BRUNCH...the real church of karaoke.  kj BARK! has promised a holy ceremony at midnight. Some of our favorite LIQUID BRUNCH sayings:
-I only eat at bars and parties.
-kids under 12 drink for free!
-I'm hungry. What are we drinking?
Its all in good fun kids... But it is still ENTRANCE FROM 21 YEARS AND UP!!!

Friday was fun with Marilyn's HIGH ON KARAOKE SHOW. Great mixture of funky bachelorettes and Hardcore crust punks to smoke all their cigarettes ;-). Saturday was Bachellor/ette overload. It can happen at peak bachelor/ette season.

Next Saturday we are proud to present the BACHELORETTE FREE SAMSTAG NACHT! Thats the good news. The bad news is that it is Patrick and Silke's going away jamboree. Patrick is leaving us for the southern hemisphere and well, I am sad to say, I think after 5 years of service, the bachellor/ettes drove Silke to stray :-(. Not sure if I can ever forgive you. We will all miss you both so much!

Its always a gamble at the FAGBAR. is it a treasure or is it trash? We actually have really good luck in this department. There are so many surprises at the fagbar. At midnight there is a show. This week we have a traveller from Brasil, Jô Mistinguett. On the decks will be Bartje (go Bartje, a triathalon!).

I'll be there from 22 till midnight singin witcha' as always :-).


supersticious? DEMANDA BACK! & minus 20 grad....

Did you ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing went right? That was my day yesterday. I won't go into detail, but I spent the whole day running and got nothing done. I could have stayed in bed and accomplished the same amount. Was it because It was Friday the 13th? I doubt it. One of the things I wanted to do was, as always, write on my blog and tell you what is going on at Ronson's on the weekend. You can already probably guess what happened :-/.

Better late than never. Yesterday was Marilyn Mongol's HIGH ON KARAOKE show. Funny mixed crowed of hardcore crust punks and bachelorettes. Nice music all night, real karaoke meltdown!

Tonight was supposed to be DEMANDA MOORE, the artist formerly known as SAMANTHA THA FOXXX as your kjane tonight, but Demanda is stuck in Sweden :-(. We will miss you and sing one for your Demanda! And now we are going to DEMANDA BACK!

I'll be doing the first part of the night with KJ BARK! and he will finish up the night. I am looking forward to singing some songs tonight to get some therapy from my ugly day yesterday. In fact, we will just make that the password for free entry for you and all your friends tonight. say, "I'M HERE FOR SOME THERAPY" and get in for free. This password does not apply to bachelor/ette parties or stag parties. Password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in parties oder polterabende.

We have a new schaps tiefkuhlfach. We now drink our schnaps at -20degrees Celsius.

bottoms up°!

euer Ronson

ONKEL BERNIvollderHIT! popchoir & mehr!

A very memorable night in the FAGBAR last night. If you missed Onkel Berni, be sure to check them out! You never know what you are going to get for a live show in Ronson's on a Monday.... I mean for 3 lousy euros, what do you expect? TRASH! expect trash! What is amazing though, you often get seriously talented musicians making nice music. That was the case last night. These kids were TIGHT! FUN party songs! I am going to invite them to our FETE DE LA MUSIQUE 2011. I hope they accept!

The door person on Mondays is afraid Mondays aren't gay enough if I book bands that aren't queer. Well, I laid those worry to rest when I told her about the GAYSEX I discovered last night :-). No, maybe its not all gay on mondays, maybe its not even half gay, but as long as people feel comfortable enough to do it where ever they want on a monday, its gay enough for me :-)!!!!!

Pop choir is gaining momentum, and has even been featured in the Newspaper! We still need more boys, so come on down! Every Tuesday from 19.30 to 21.00.

Stayed tuned for the weekend:
the artist formerly known as SAMANTHA THA FOXXX is now DEMANDA MOORE!
cum. sing. dance.

euer Ronson

ONKEL BERNI live inna fagbar um mitternacht.

Its Monday.... international karaoke night at all gaybars across the world.... and interational gay night in the karaoke bar in Berlin! You don't have to be homosexual or transgender to enjoy the FAGBAR, but it helps :-). We open at 20 Uhr. From 22 until showtime at midnight we sing karaoke in the main room to warm up the stage for ONKEL BERNI. Showtime midnight, after LAURA MARDONES dj set. She is our newfound jem! Its all you can sing flatrate singing in the boxes all night. Big groups are not good for Mondays, its a singles party! Come alone and leave with someone- or just take care of your business in a private box. Then you don't have to feed him/her breakfast!

About Onkel Berni - check out their myspace! They look like a trash band, but i think these kids are serious people!

Weekend update (last weekend, the big DISCO WEEKEND) was a huge success! Finally the Lover Dancer's Union people got some great guests coming and dancing. Barry Manila really went the extra mile on saturday too! stay tuned later in the week for the password for free entry all weekend.

Financial Crisis? no problem! Ronson's is getting cheaper! wodka & redbull used to be 7,50. Now we switched to ONE energy drink, and now it only costs 6 euros!

bis heute abend!
euer Ronson

dedicate your weekend to DISCO!

It's a disco weekend in the Ronson's! Friday PAULO CHINATOWN and friends feature the LOVER DANCER'S UNION.  your paradiso art clubbing night in berlin ! ! !with the Chinatown Sound System DJ Set "a drifting psychedelic experience thru the realms of cosmic music, love and catharsis". You can call it what you want... italo disco, space disco, nu disco, whatever it is, it makes your body rock! Starts at 10pm. Entry 3€, or free for all of your friends with password (read on!)

Saturday we welcome back BARRY MANILA for another night of disco, more focused on the classics, 100% vinyl! Listen to everything disco from 1972 to 2012 (thats right, there is even future disco!). Another disco lover to make your legs sore. The password for free entry for you and all your friends this weekend is, "I AM A DISKO DUCK".

Arschloch karte....

Its not very often I complain about guests, but today is the day. Last night was 2 for 1 drinks. Lotsa cocktails being made, we had a full house after the pop choir. I saw Alice and Daniel shaking their asses off to make you all cocktails... at deep discounted prices! And what did they have to show for it? 7 euros tip to share at the end of the night!

I just have one thing to say. SHARE THE WEALTH you fools! If you are getting 2 FOR 1 drinks, shaken, stirred, up, or on the rocks, made by a professional, LEAVE A FREAKING TIP! Despite what your travel tourist book may tell you, TIPPING IS CUSTOMARY in the town! I suggest 10 percent, but anything is appreciated.

Thats it. I hope I have better news for you tomorrow.

2NITE Angel Eyedealism- Ronsons bald ohne Liquid brunch?

Tonight inna fagbar um mitternacht: ANGEL EYEDEALISM. dj support: YAM spinning space disco and tekkkknööö! Warm up the stage beforehand with Ronson from 22 on with your karaoke performance. Boxhopping all you can sing flatrate singing all night. If it is anything like last week, there will be a mountain of attractive single homosexual boys and gurlz! It difficult to get to bed early when you have guests like that! I'm a lucky guy.

Liquid Brunch yesterday was a blast. It is always very intimate on Sundays at the Ronson's, and our guest KJane from Switzerland kept us Rockn and Rolln! If you do the math, you can see that our weekly LIQUID BRUNCH party every sunday is just not a money maker. I can't stop it though! Can any of you imagine the Ronson's without liquid brunch, THE TRUE CHURCH OF KARAOKE???? Sing. Drink. Praise Liquid Brunch. My favorite sayings from yesterday: From Dirk about my mom, "GUTE MUTTER!". From Rebi about Fafa's (guest kjane) KJ personality after me saying she may be too nice for a KJ, "FAFA CAN ALSO BE UNNICE". Now if that isn't about the best complimet a kj can receive! Favorite song from last night NELLY THE ELEPHANT sung by Ronster's Momson.

Fafa as guest KJ tonight in the Ronson's! Milkshake report.

Hey karaoke lovers! We have a special guest from Switzerland today as guest kj for liquid brunch. I have seen her work on the bus in different places, but it will be her first time in the Ronson's as KJane. Let me tell you- she is not only totally sweet, she is very concerned that YOU get to sing and HAVE FUN! sooo.....loslasssen & lossingen! Free entrance, as always, on sundays. I'll also be popping by for a song or two.

Milkshake. Whatta nice crowd! The only bad thing about this party is that it only happens 3 or 4 times a year. And that we ran out of fog liquid halfway through the night. Oh yeah, and a speaker busted, probably from being too loud. BUT, it was still all worth it! These ladies know how to party! Looking at the lost and found after a Milkshake party is pure proof. I actually discovered a bicycle in front of the Ronsons when i was leaving. It was barely locked up, so I scooted it inside where it would be safe from theives. If this is your bike, come pick it up anytime from 7pm!